Most individuals think of construction job sites or a dangerous factory floor when thinking of common workplace injuries. However, office workers can also become injured while on the job. It is important for office workers to understand how these accidental work injuries can happen in order to take the appropriate steps to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Back Pain

Back pain is common among office workers. This usually occurs because the employee isn’t paying close attention to keeping their body properly aligned. These ergonomic injuries can happen when stretching too far when sitting in a swivel desk chair, not using the correct technique when lifting heavy objects or failing to set up the designated workstation properly. You can ask your employer to invest in a better office chair that provides ample support for the shoulders, spine and lower lumbar regions. Be sure to stand up to stretch or walk around at regular intervals throughout your shift. If back pain occurs, evaluate your posture and desk position for possible causes. Consider using a flexible sitting/standing desktop that can be raised and lowered easily.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Even if the office work itself is not particularly stressful on the body, injuries can still occur due to repetitive movements throughout the course of your workday. Some common repetitive strain injuries include carpal tunnel, tendonitis, tennis elbow, trigger finger, and focal dystonia. These types of injuries usually develop over time. Again, the desk height and setup of the workstation plays a huge role in preventing these types of repetitive strain injuries. Today, there are wrist, neck and back braces to help keep the body in the correct alignment and prevent serious injury.

Bumps, Slips, and Falls

Surprisingly to some, the standard slip-and-fall injuries happen at the office more than most would think. Since most offices are full of busy employees rushing to meet strict deadlines, it becomes easy to lose focus on environmental safety hazards when the brain is so engaged in other matters. Always take the time to push in file drawers, keep walkway paths free from obstacles that could be tripped over and mop up any spills right away to avoid preventable workplace falls.

Every working person should protect themselves from job injuries by first understanding the risks. Taking preventative action can save companies and their employees from costly, accidental injuries. 

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