Developing a social media strategy can be a difficult endeavor, as it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. However, there are ways you can create a social media presence that actually improves your business and encourages potential customers to become real customers. Below are three tips about what your business should be posting to social media.

Content Written for Your Readers

Original, fresh content is the key to any good social media account. That means creating content specifically for your readers and customers. You don’t want to only post about your products or services, but you want to expand that circle of content to subjects that relate to your readers and their lives. For example, if you’re a company that makes jewelry, you can post content about different ways to style an outfit for spring. Anything that offers helpful hints, advice, or makes someone laugh is what you want to aim for. Good social media content will make your reader feel like that are developing a relationship with you and your company.

Content That Shows Your Company as People

Faceless brands and companies usually invoke a sterile, unfriendly feeling in people. Social media is full of companies that share stale content that clearly wasn’t created by them. People usually scroll by this content without engaging with it. One thing you should be posting to social media is content that shows off your individual company culture. One way to do this is by featuring the actual people that work for your company. You can post things that offer a simple profile of your employees, what their hobbies or interests are, or what their jobs entail. Even the most common wellness challenges tend to have stats and figures you can post to social media that will help humanize the company.

Content That is Interactive

Last, consider posting content that is fun and interactive. In the endless scrolling world of the internet, it’s easy for your potential clients or customers to just scroll right by your content with little thought. However, when you create content that actually encourages them to interact with you, you will hold their attention for longer. Some of the kinds of interactive content that you can post includes quick quizzes, polls, and surveys. People like voicing their opinions and being a part of a larger conversation. Interactive content allows them to view your company as a part of their lives and someone they know.

By creating content for your specific readers and customers, showing your company as real people, and posting interactive content, you can develop a robust and successful social media presence. Could you use some help managing your social media accounts? At Reticence Marketing, we’re able to grow, optimize, and manage all aspects of your social presence in order for you to concentrate on the day-to-day operation of your company. Get your social media managed today!