Why SEO is a Necessity For Your Small Business

Why SEO is a Necessity For Your Small Business

Why is SEO a Necessity for Small Businesses?


Developing a successful small business will require careful use of all available resources. In addition, it requires that you make the most of existing technologies, particularly as it’ll come to marketing. Small businesses that want to stand out from the competition have to use digital marketing to boost their visibility. Eighty-two percent of customers perform research on the internet before buying; therefore, you must ensure that they’re able to find your business as they do.


Almost all research online starts with the use of a search engine—in the majority of cases, Google. But, over 50% of all Google clicks go to the initial three results displayed. If you have a desire to ensure that your company’s site is in those three results, you must use search engine optimization (SEO). SEO involves the process of utilizing keywords and additional crawl-able content to increase a site’s rankings on the search engines.


Crawl-able Content: What is it?


Crawl-able content will refer to the pieces of your site a search engine is able to detect. Search engines once only crawled text; however, now they’re able to also pick up a number of additional features. Usually, modern search engines crawl metadata in images, video, as well as .pdf files.


But, while it is a fact that Google and other prominent search engines are evolving to detect a bigger variety of content, text still is the most critical component. For that reason, most sites utilize keyword strings based upon the search terms they expect that their target audience is using. That way, as customers browse specific terms, the search engine is going to find that word in your site and show it closer to the upper part of the results. If your business sells fresh apples in Parkdale, a likely keyword string may be something such as “buy fresh apples Parkdale”.


Sounds Simple—Right?


Note that search engine optimization is more complex than merely plugging keywords into a website’s text. Even if you have resources that are able to analyze your customer base and select keywords they’re likely to use, you must ensure that you correctly incorporate those words. Search engines are increasingly becoming adept at screening for sites which overuse (or stuff) keywords. If your website contains a lot of keywords without valuable content that surrounds them, you might not make it into the upper part of the rankings. As a matter of fact, algorithms such as Google’s “Fred” are specifically made to root out pages which over-stuff keywords that don’t have valuable content. Then, the algorithms downgrade the sites in the rankings.


Search Engine Optimization Professionals


Good search engine optimization strategy involves using marketing analytics to choose suitable keywords. In addition, it involves subtly using those keywords in content which offers value to readers. Plus, it requires judicious usage of relevant backlinks that support content and multi-channel website optimization for off-site channels such as social media. The complexities of search engine optimization work make it challenging for small business owners who don’t have prior knowledge to handle it by themselves. For that reason, it is always worth investing in expert assistance with your SEO. This way it’s possible to make sure it actually is helping you obtain new customers.


A search engine optimization professional will assess your online content and website to figure out how that can improve it. They’ll take a data-driven approach to discovering precisely which keywords are more than likely to assist you in acquiring and converting new customers. They’ll permit you to maximize your marketing return on investment by increasing your ranking positions, as well as attracting more natural traffic on the search engines.


Investing in Search Engine Optimization


Some businesses question the need for investing in search engine optimization, because they think that they can’t afford it. But, the fact is that small businesses cannot afford not to use search engine optimization anymore. If your business does not take advantage of it, the competition will. It might even be worth borrowing some funds to ensure that your SEO is correctly handled. Working capital loans may provide you the financial liquidity needed to employ SEO assistance in order for you to attract more customers, pay back what’s owed, and continually grow.


Low-fee working capital loans allow your business to borrow funds for crucial operating expenses. Since marketing is increasingly becoming essential in the digital age, most companies take out such loans to optimize their content with assistance from SEO specialists. Unlike long-range loans requiring significant month-to-month payments, most working capital loans are repaid in small daily increments. In turn, the businesses may steadily repay them as their marketing efforts aid in bringing in more profits.


If you have a desire to ensure that your customers are able to always locate you, you should represent yourself where the majority of them are searching: on the internet. Make room in your budget for web design and SEO professionals or borrow the funds needed to hire them. You will see that the long-range advantages of being highly visible greatly outweigh the short-range expenses.


For more information on how Reticence Marketing can help with your search engine optimization, contact our SEO in Colorado Springs company at (719) 355-9128 or email us at info@reticencemarketing.com


Be Relentless – The Art of Starting Your Own Small Business

Starting Your Own Small Business

Starting your own small business in the modern era of fast-paced economic mayhem and #shoplocal campaigns is anything but easy, but what does it take to truly start your own small business and thrive as a small business owner?

Be Relentless

It’s pretty clear by the title of this section what we’re trying to get at here – Be relentless with the pursuit of your dreams and business goals. As a business owner myself, it’s taken me several realizations throughout my time owning this company that I simply wasn’t putting in enough work, effort, money, or time. “What do you mean, I have to  pour my entire life into my company?” For the start-up of your new business venture, yes that’s exactly what I mean it takes constant determination and dogged effort to ensure that your business will make a real impact on the world around us. Think of it this way – How many small businesses and organizations exist simply within your local geographical area? A LOT. The Art of starting your own small business can best be described as a consistent and tiring effort (often leading to shortages in other areas of your life, though this can be avoided if you schedule and maintain your time properly); you are the only person who wants to truly see your business succeed, and you’re the only one who’s going to be truly willing to put in the effort necessary to ensure business success.

Where Do You Want To Go?

This is a question that; from a marketer’s perspective, is often a struggle for many business owners. Deciding where you want to go with your business is of the utmost importance in starting off as a small business owner – Where do you want your business to end up at, what is the final goal? Many small business owners are satisfied with nothing more than a supplementary income, while others want to rely fully on their small business and hope to live a comfortable life. Others; and I am a proud member of this specific subset, want to see their businesses rise to the absolute pinnacle of success, profit, and reputation. Deciding where you want to go as a small business owner and where you want to take your business is of a definite importance.


Plan it Out

Now for the fun part (I’m just kidding, this part is actually rather boring, but 100% necessary). It’s time to plan out your business – What are your business goals, where do you want to go, and how are you going to get there? This involves the more technical aspects of starting your own small business – Designing a logo, a website, and ensuring that you know in what sphere of business you are trying to compete in and how to do that in the most cost effective and efficient way possible.For example: If you know that customers are searching for a product or service you offer on Google, Search Engine Optimization and a well-designed website are very important (You want these customers to actually know that your business exists, right)? This also includes being able to articulate what specific marketing approach your business needs in order to maximize returns – It’s always a good idea to at least get a Free Quote from a local marketing professional or company in order check pricing on the marketing services that may be in the best interest of your small business. Spend Money >>> Make Money; well that’s how it works for marketing anyways.


Are you Ready?

If you’re already a small business owner or just someone looking to break free from the traditional mold and do something different and unique in your own name, this is where your journey starts. Here at Reticence Marketing, our main goal is to ensure the overwhelming success of each and every one of our clients. We offer a variety of marketing services all of which are specifically designed to maximize your profit and outrank your competition in every way possible.

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In Honor of Women’s History Month

In Honor of Women’s History Month

  In honor of Women’s History Month, I will give praise and honor to three very successful women in the world of business. When people hear “entrepreneurs,” they think of businessmen like Donald Trump, Howard Schultz, or Walt Disney. These men are very successful people, however, women have been given too little credit when it comes to success. Whether it’s writing, art, marketing, or just business in general, a woman has contributed to the world in many ways.

Sarah Blakely

  In Clearwater, Florida Sara Blakely was born on February 27, 1971, unaware of what her future held for her. While working in sales in the late 1990s, Sarah used to wear white trousers, and had no undergarment, because regular pantyhose were too uncomfortable, so she just left them off and wore only the trousers. One day she had a brilliant idea, and that one idea would change her life forever. She cut the feet section off of her pantyhose, and it would only come down to her ankles, leaving her much more comfortable than what she already was.

  Once she realized how brilliant of a product her invention would be, she spent the next two years working out the final designs and registering it for a Patent. It wasn’t long until she was able to convince a manufacturer to produce the product as the name “Spanx.” According to the Daily Mail, she had to tour the roads, standing outside department stores trying to sell her product since she didn’t have money. She did the best she could to sell them, and eventually, they wound up on shelves of famous department stores, being sold by certain celebrities that took interest in her new invention. Because of her dedication, determination, and integrity, she is now one of the most famous female millionaires in America.

J.K Rowling


  Known famous for the Harry Potter books, J.K. Rowling is true rags to riches story that encourage many young women (even men) to pursue and follow their dreams. Her story is known not only in the UK, but also all around the world; from Japan to America.

  J.K. Rowling struggled as a single mother after her saddening divorce with Portuguese Journalist, Jorge Arantes. After the initial divorce she and her daughter, Jessica, moved to Edinburgh to start a new life, and be near her younger sister. However, starting over for her and her daughter wasn’t easy. It was hard for her to support her and her daughter by herself, so she sought out support and ended up on welfare.

  In 1990, while traveling on a train from Manchester to London, an idea reportedly came to her for a young adult book. That book would later become an international hit and spawned a series of other books that would follow the story of the wizard Harry Potter. In an instant, her determination and dedication immediately caused her to rise to success and become well-known female in the world of business. To this day, she is still looking for ways to sell more books, and create worlds of fantasy that other children can escape to.

Indra K. Nooyi

  In 1955, a Woman by the name of Indra K. Nooyi was born, who had no idea just how successful her future would be. In southern India, Indra’s family was known to be middle class. With her father as a bank official and her grandfather as a district judge, she yearned for success, and her family was the inspiration that drove her to strive for success.

  Nooyi attended a Christian college there in India, majoring in Chemistry and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 1976. Soon after Nooyi earned a Master’s degree in business administration, majoring in finance and marketing at the Indian Institute of Management of Calcutta. After graduating college she ended up working with a textile maker, and soon after finding a similar position in the American company,“ Johnson & Johnson.”

  After struggling with some challenges as a young businesswoman, she submitted a letter to Yale University, not expecting any success with her application. However, despite her doubts, she was accepted and admitted into University School of Management. Along with the success of being admitted into the school, she was also offered financial aid. Her family were eventually on board with her decision to attend school in the United States, after all, it was unheard of for someone of her nationality to pursue something like this.

  While at Yale, she learned different trades and skills that would help her in the future for business. For example, skills such as working in a team, building a team, and planning corporate projects. In 1980, Nooyi graduated with a masters degree of public and private management from Yale. Soon after graduation, she went through the corporate ladder in various companies and businesses. Companies such as Motorola, Boston Consulting Group, Asea Brown Boveri (ABB), and Exxon Mobil.

  Soon after climbing up the ladder, she found herself working at PepsiCo In the late 1990s. During the Quaker Oats merger, Nooyi used her business expertise to steer the company in the right direction after PepsiCo took some wrong turns through the years. So in 2006, Nooyi was finally named the new Chief Executive of PepsiC after Reinemund announced his retirement. During the early 2000s, Nooyi was considered one of the top 50 most powerful women, despite being of a different nationality and growing up middle class in a foreign country.

  Both men and women have strived for years to become successful, and inspire the next generation to follow in their steps and show others how to control life. Everyone has to start somewhere and these stories are evident that anyone can go from rags to riches in a matter of years, depending on how much determination they equip themselves. These women were not given their fame, they were not handed their riches, they only had to reach out and grab it.

  Would you #daretodream?

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The Significance Of Marketing – Small Business Edition

The Significance Of Marketing – Small Business Edition


Where do I advertise and market my products and services?

Now that you have your business or even a private company, do you realize how vital a tool the internet can be? Internet marketing, also known as online marketing has nowadays become very popular and a crucial part of marketing to many companies.

Due to the extensive use of the internet and the rise of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, many companies have resulted into marketing their products online and obtaining feedback from their clients on their products or service through social media platforms as well. In this article, I intend to point out factors which have made internet marketing so successful as well as explain the significance of the same to small companies.

Real-Time Feedback guaranteed…

To begin with, internet marketing allows one on one communication with the clients about the product or service that they want. In most cases, the traditional marketing method is limited in this by the fact that the client has to either travel to the manufacturing company or vice versa or have a chat with the salesperson. With internet marketing through platforms such as online chats or feedback from social media, the response, and feedback in real time. This helps in getting constructive criticism about a product or service and have it improved within a short period of time and in increasing the turnaround time for response to client’s issues as well as improving customer service.


Secondly, it is easily accessible. Let me ask you? Do you know that so many start-ups fail because they do not do considerable marketing and advertisement for their products? For instance, did you know that:

1. There are more than 1.2bn people across the world who use the internet entirely through their mobile phones?

2. When it comes to Business to Business sales ( B2B), Facebook and LinkedIn are rated as the most excellent driving factors? That more than 30%of the Top Fortune 500 CEO’s have a verified profile on either LinkedIn or Facebook?

3. At least 85% of the SME’s can prove that social media has helped them grow in their sales over the past year period.

4. The number of people who just visit the Facebook page per day is slightly more than 666 million. Think of an advert which is being seen by all these people!

From the extensive use of smartphones for e-commerce platforms like Amazon app to mobile banking applications, advertising on blogs, Facebook etc. Internet marketing is easily accessible and easy to interact with. Very many clients are able to see a sale for a particular product when advertised online rather than walking to a store to purchase a product. Due to this internet marketing has gained popularity and led to a boost in sales.

A sales channel…

The internet can also be used as a sales channel. Gone are the days when it was necessary to walk into a store to purchase a product. One can simply order for a product and have it delivered into his or her home. This means that it is not necessarily that the store be a rented physical construction, it can be an online store. Moreover, the coordinator of the online store can hire a transportation company to ferry the goods or services to the clients thus further reducing the costs of renting and transport. This is only able through internet marketing.

Surveys and Research are easily carried out…

Lastly is that is easy to carry out market research and in an economical way. All different types of consumers access the internet from young to old, different sexes and different social class and religious beliefs. All these clients have different tastes and preferences, if not expectations concerning a product or service. They are also likely to air their disappointments and reviews concerning a product or service and have the industry players respond to the same by being innovative and creating a new product or service.

Additionally, the presence of online surveys makes it possible to gather a lot of information concerning a particular product or service and have it promoted in the most suitable way. This is done at a very cheap cost since most of the times the company has only to create the online platform and wait for the customers to respond. The company can hence use the data collected as research data for future use and market segmentation. This is vital in knowing which product can be created and modified in order to have a constant demand for constant sales.

Last words of advice…

So thinking of advertising your products and selling them? Word of advice: Don’t rush to TV ads, Radio ads or Billboards, they are damn expensive and most significantly, easily forgotten too! Try out internet marketing first and see the results. You can start with Facebook, it is very cheap to advertise and sell your product. Thank me later!

Why Marketing Is So Important For Small Business Owners

Why Marketing Is So Important For Small Business Owners

So you have a small business, and you’re not alone. In recent times more and more people have been drawn into starting their own business. The allure of creating your own unique brand, being your own boss and providing a quality service or product to a loyal fan base is tempting, to say the least.


Niche markets are also growing as consumers and entrepreneurs come to terms with people’s need to support a brand they feel they belong to. Your brand is your biggest asset.


It’s not all sunshine and roses, however. The massive proliferation of small businesses also leads to much more competition, especially when vying for attention. Chances are there are many businesses much like yours, big and small.


This is the essence of why marketing is so important for small business owners. It’s not only about the number of customers you reach, but how, at what cost and why.


Let’s look more in depth at this is. We will also give you some suggestions on platforms and methods you can use as a small business owner to promote your brand.

So why is marketing so crucial?

Spreading the word of your brand

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first. Above all else, if people don’t know about you, they cannot make use of your services or product. It is important to utilize as many different media platforms as you can.


You also want people to know what products and services you offer. Think about it this way. Everyone knows about Coca-Cola. Someone can crave a Cola and go buy it. If they don’t “know” your product in the same way, why would they come to you?


Social media has made it easy to affordably reach consumers at any time, place and through a variety of platforms. Talking to customers individually is also so much easier.

Higher sales

To lift your sales, it’s not only about getting as many people as possible to notice your brand.


If you own a coffee shop and someone is craving a coffee, you should hope they see your coffee first and come knocking! This is also where targeted ads are so important. If you run a steakhouse, advertising on a vegan forum is obviously not a good idea. Target viewers who will turn into customers and watch your sales grow.


Many tools, of which Google AdSense is just one example have made it much more accessible to target the right audience.

Brand loyalty

Through unique marketing strategies that really express your brand, you can build a loyal customer base that sticks with you when times are tough. Your marketing strategy should include ways you can identify with your target audience on a personal level. Nowadays, people don’t just buy your product, they buy into your brand as well. Loyalty has become a commodity.


A big factor in brand loyalty is customer engagement. Would you stay friends with someone that ignores you, or doesn’t listen to you? Create a platform for people to engage with your business or other customers to create a “community” around your brand.


This is an area where small businesses actually have a one up on their big brothers. As a small business, you most likely have more time to engage individually with your customers. It could be this TLC that makes them come back.

Foster healthy competition

Getting the word out there about your products/services and pricing helps keep competitors honest as well. If people know about the other options out there, it’s much harder for other businesses (even large ones) to create a monopoly. If customers get overcharged, but they know of a cheaper supplier nearby, they can easily switch brands.

Increased brand reputation and prestige

People can sometimes be easy to tempt. If you have a good marketing strategy and good visibility to the public, more and more people will try you at some point or another. Providing a good service or product will not only make these customers return but might turn them into free marketing through word of mouth. Make sure good stories surrounding your business get out.


You can further build a reputation by taking part in the community. Get involved in any community charity projects, maybe even give some product away. The stereotype surrounding big businesses that “don’t care”, gives you the opportunity to show that you do.

How to market on a budget

We have provided some quick suggestions above on how you can effectively market without the need of a huge marketing budget. For a comprehensive list of marketing strategies on a budget, check out this great article.


The most important thing is that you use social media wisely. Look at what your competitors are doing and try to outdo them. Create conversations around your brand, and find ways to make people want to post about you.

In conclusion

We hope this article has proven to you how crucial marketing is for small business owners. Especially at the start of a small business’ life, it’s important to steadily grow your brand.


So what are you waiting for? Go spread the word!