How To Better Your Business Through Local Outreach

How To Better Your Business Through Local Outreach


Are you a local business owner struggling to make a name for yourself through an effective marketing strategy? We know how it feels… Which is one of the many reasons why we provide articles like this to allow you to succeed through the implementation of your own marketing strategy – without having to pay another company to handle it on your behalf (Unless the company in question is Reticence Marketing, because we’re awesome; obviously).

If you’re an avid reader of marketing materials (AKA – “We’ll make your business a success in just 24 hours if you pay us your entire revenue stream”) then you’re probably familiar with the recent craze over influencer and content marketing. Whether you’re being told to automate your social media strategy (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram being the main platforms for this sort of marketing) or being hounded on how you should “up your game” in terms of interacting with local influencers (Bloggers, writers, critics, news agencies, etc); it all comes down to One – Simple – Sentence: Interact with your community!

    • Talk to Your Audience!

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    This may sound a bit confusing, so allow me to explain. As a Business owner, you have an audience. Just as the audience of a band or celebrity is made up of their fans, admirers, and sometimes the occasional stalker; your audience is made up of your customers (Obviously), members of your community, and other businesses, organizations, and charities who are nearby. Just as a celebrity may appeal to their fandom through personalized interactions; your business should reach out, interact with, and keep in constant communication with your audience – And the best part is, it’s not even hard! Here are a few actions that you can take TODAY to improve your communication with your audience:

    1. Get on Social Media! If you’re not on social media, you’re an absolute crazy person. How are you supposed to market your company effectively and engage with your community if you’re not even available on the most popular programs used by many specifically for this task? If you’re reading this and you don’t have a Facebook Page, a Twitter handle, and an Instagram profile for your business then STOP READING THIS AND GET IT DONE!
    1. Interact with Your Followers! Great, so you have a presence on social media. That was the crawl before the walk – Now it’s time to actually start interacting with your clients, customers, and community – AKA your audience.
    • Post regularly (Content, Content, Content! People need to see that you actually exist)! At Reticence, we accomplish this by using a program called Hootsuite, which automates your social media postings with minimal effort on your part. Hootsuite also seems to be the most affordable option and also one of the most popular options on the table. But there are a variety of social media automation, scheduling, and posting platforms, most of which (including Hootsuite) offer free trials. Try a few different programs out, and see what works for you!
    • Interact! So now you have the social media presence combined with the regular posting of content – Let’s take this a step further and start interacting with people, businesses, and influencers who have an impact on your local community. Here at Reticence, we consistently monitor our social media feeds for new content in our community. If a local business owner posts a picture of their product or service – You bet that we’re sharing it! From a marketing perspective, this is not only to boost our eventual ability to make a sale (We’re planting a seed – Who knows when they may want marketing services and remember that weird little company that shared their material). We also genuinely enjoy sharing the products and services of local business owners – Because that’s the main reason we got into the marketing business in the first place – To encourage people to make their dreams a reality. We also regularly comment on content, follow users in the area or “Like” their pages, and there isn’t a moment that my phone isn’t lighting up from notifications. The best part: It’s FREE!

Make a name for yourself – Become a profile that people look to for answers or to share their product. Interact with anyone and everyone that you possibly can – Make them remember you. Sew the seeds of your own future success.


  • We are proud to offer a variety of social media management services as well, if you’re looking to simplify things a bit – Let us know!
  • Define Who You Are & What Your Business Represents

If you don’t know or aren’t able to realistically tell yourself and others what your Business Represents, then why do you own one in the first place? Here at Reticence Marketing, our motto is “Dare to Dream” – What was it that first caused the spark within your mind, the first thought that drove you to dream and imagine owning your own business? If you don’t know where you’re going, how do you plan on getting there?

  • Where’s Your Website?

If you’re a business owner and you don’t have a website to showcase your product, offer your services, make sales, and attract presumptive buyers/customers all the while providing your company with an almost unlimited ability to market yourself at a relatively low cost; WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Okay, Okay… I’m calm. If you don’t have a website, GET ONE! We use an online hosting service called Siteground – They offer great introductory offers, professional support, web design, and a variety of other services at a very low cost.


We also offer premium web designing services at an affordable price – Just let us know!


  • Be a Steward of Your Company Values

This probably sounds cliche – But as the owner of a company, your company should reflect you and you should reflect your company. Company values are pointless unless they’re backed up by true and meaningful actions which give the company a personality of its own – Thus inspiring both your customers and your employees to dream more, do more, and be more; which; in turn, will drastically improve your company’s success, growth, and profitability.



  • Become a Staple in Your Community

Companies that are able to effectively market themselves and their products/services to an entire community are by far the most successful. Become a gathering place for the community – Whether it be in thought or actual physical presence. But either way, the best way to interact with your community is to introduce them and make a positive first impression. Think of it as a friendship – A relationship built on trust through two unique individuals, each with their own wants, needs, aspirations, and ideals. If your company is able to see itself as more than “Just a business” – You’re on the right track.


As always, we offer a variety of marketing services at a very affordable price – Please feel free to Contact Us at any time or view our current Pricing.

We’d love to join you on your journey toward business success!