Small Business Week 2018 goes from April 29th to May 5th. Here is why the event matters for entrepreneurs today.


On Sunday, April 29th, Small Business Week 2018 kicked off, and if you are not already celebrating the festivities, you may want to begin to plan to join in now.


Led by the United States SBA (Small Business Administration), (#SmallBusinessWeek on social media) Small Business Week recognizes exceptional entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses all throughout the U.S. and in United States territories. From Sun., April 29th through Sat., May 5th, the Small Business Administration is going to be livestreaming award ceremonies in conjunction with presenting the Person of the Year. Additional activities scheduled include a 3-day virtual conference that runs from May 1 – May 3 that is co-hosted by SCORE and Twitter chat on Fri., May 4th about ideas for growing and starting a business.


National Small Business week, now more than ever before, matters for entrepreneurs, as well as small businesses of all sizes. Here is a look into the effect the event has upon the community of entrepreneurs.


Startups are the backbone of the United States economy


Over 50% of Americans work for or own a small business, according to the SBA. In addition, entrepreneurs help to create 2 out of every 3 new jobs within the U.S., annually. As the week-long occasion first was issued in the year 1963, the amount of startups created has continually risen. In addition, fewer businesses are failing. Even though it’s popular to cite small business failure stats — especially in the first year — the reality is that half of all small businesses survive 5 years or more.


National Small Business Week 2018 sets the pace and tone for future events


Besides the virtual conference, livestreamed event ceremonies, and Twitter chat, the Small Business Administration is set to host events to get entrepreneurs from every walk of life involved within the festivities offline and on.


The #SmallBusinessWeek Hackathon was held inside Washington, D.C. the weekend of April 27th through 29th and included a $24,000 prize pool that was awarded to winning submissions. In addition, the SBA hit the road with a bus tour around multiple cities from May 1st – May 3rd as they highlighted some of the brightest and best entrepreneurs around the country.


Small Business Week 2018 assists in fostering a business-friendly atmosphere


Recently, the Kauffman Foundation included the results of their entrepreneurial survey in their State of Entrepreneurship Address of 2018. When it comes to the future of their startups, respondents have a positive outlook, yet are less optimistic about the U.S. as a whole. One main reason cited for that feeling was the belief that the U.S. government ought to prioritize an environment fostering small business support and friendliness.


While it might take a little more than a week-long occasion every year to successfully build upon and create that type of environment, it is key to keep celebrations such as National Small Business Week thriving and growing. For a look at National Small Business Week all through the years, the Small Business Administration provides video highlights to view on their site.


Tips for Small Business Week 2018 PR


The yearly Small Business Week 2018 is an excellent time to boost awareness of America’s almost 30 million startups, which employ nearly 50% of workers in the United States. It also is the perfect chance for creative public relations. If you have not yet leveraged this opportunity, it is not too late. Below are some ideas to use within the coming week and beyond.


Consider Food Truck Cook-Off


The BBB of Southern Colorado and Pikes Peak Region kicked off one week’s worth of startup festivities with a gathering of the smallest startups of all—food trucks, inside a community cook-off to offer business education and awareness about the neighborhood’s small vendors in one swoop.


Share Stories Behind the Startup Stories


While Small Business Week is going on or maybe as an expansion of Small Business Saturday, one mixed-use property complex has plans to feature the story behind its retail providers on each day of the week. The former trucker who opened a coffee shop up. That couple who came out of retirement to open a regional franchise. The opportunity to feature one of this project’s startup owners on each day, leading to more appreciation and foot traffic for everyone involved.


Provide a special deal


Have a one-week-long promo or buy-one-get-one-free discount to gain new customers or boost your brand’s exposure. Or provide the discount upon a popular product as a way to present to the community all you offer. In order to make the most of the idea, have enough service reps available to answer inquiries and teach consumers a bit more about what you would be doing for them.


Provide a Free Online Resource

Empire Dynamic Solutions, and IT company, is taking advantage of this event by creating a complimentary IT checklist for startups, in support of the small businesses who cannot afford to outsource their Information Technology.


Thank Employees


You should consider centering your week around your staff. Social media features might center on the excellent contributions of one of your best workers each day of the week and create outstanding PR for your startup as well as an amazing appreciation opportunity for the deserving people on your team. Beyond the public relations, you might purchase a little something extra for your team each day. Consider cupcakes, gift cards, catered lunch or maybe an opportunity to leave early on Friday as the perfect complement to your Small Business Week public relations.


If you get going now, it isn’t too late to take advantage of Small Business Week 2018 for your own public relations. However, if you missed the window, do not despair. Any time is an excellent time to celebrate and acknowledge your startup. With the above ideas in hand, you’ll have an adequate amount of time to also get ready for Small Business Saturday that is coming in November. Now’s the time to allow your imagination to run wild!


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