What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a process of website optimization that allows your website to show up on page one in natural search results of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Search engine optimization comprises of various tactics and techniques that, as correctly applied, help search engines find your site and accordingly rank it within the search results. The better optimized a site is, the greater it’ll rank. The greater your site ranks, the more traffic, and the more successful your company will be. At Reticence Marketing, we’re equipped with years of expertise and specialize in best-practice search engine optimization. This means we utilize white hat search engine optimization approaches which follow the modus operandi of Google and impacts the greatest long-range results



Search engine optimization has multiple moving parts. The kind of methods utilized in your search engine optimization strategy is a factor in determining whether your campaign is a success or not. Link building and keywords play a huge part in accomplishing high rank results within the major search engines. That means sometimes the HTML, content, and coding on your website must be modified to strengthen your website’s relevance to specific keywords, and your website must be promoted to boost the amount of backlinks. In addition, SEO may be narrowed down to concentrate on one certain kind of search like image optimization, audio-video optimization, local search optimization, etc.

Search engines have a multitude of ranking factors which determine how low or high a site places within the search results. Knowing how each of those factors operate, how they work together, and which measures you’ll have to take to make sure that a site meets all requirements is critical to accomplishing a high ranking. That is why we are here; in order for you to concentrate on operating the business you love and allow us to do the work we love. At Reticence Marketing, we understand all of the ins and outs behind SEO, and you may trust that you will be leaving your site and internet marketing in the hands of able individuals determined to assist you in succeeding.

Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization plays an important part in every marketing campaign online, and without it your website is set to be buried deep under the millions of other sites which are associated with yours, yet are never found by anyone conducting a simple search. As your website ranks higher within the search results, more consumers may stumble upon it. In an ideal situation, the place to be is at the top of page one of all major search engine results pages (SERPs).

Think about it, as you are browsing something on the internet, how often do you glance through the second or even the third page? How about the fourth or fifth pages? Not too many folks take time to check that far. Academic studies indicate that 91 percent of users don’t go past page one of the search results and more than 50 percent don’t go past the initial three results on page one. Ninety-nine percent search no further than the top thirty results. Seventy-eight percent of traffic referrals online visit the first ten websites recommended. And, most importantly, 93 percent of all site traffic emanates from referrals from search engines.

Therefore, whether you are a business owner who wants to grow your market reach or a student beginning a blog, if you have a desire to take advantage of all the things SEO might do for your site, you ought to speak to an expert who knows search engine optimization like the back of their hand. Reticence Marketing is able to get your website the boost in traffic needed to blow the competition out of the water and rise to the top spot on page one of the search engine results pages.

Skyrocket your Page Rank

It is probably clear to you by now that if you need to capitalize on your return on investment, your site must appear at the top of the search engine results upon all of the main search engines.

Most have attempted search engine optimization by themselves and typically fail miserably. The reason behind this is because the search engines constantly are performing algorithm updates that, if not maintained, will kill a site that is shoddily optimized.

It is like a zombie apocalypse of sites which die then return back to life, yet since those updates occur like one time per month, there isn’t enough time for the zombie sites to discover an antidote before they are killed yet again, only this time it is directly through the head. They are done for good. That is, unless you go with our staff and let the experts at Reticence Marketing handle your search engine optimization campaign. Our company has the antidote to assist your website in surviving anything and stand apart from the competition. How? We have learned many things over time and we continuously learn. We focus our efforts on offering our clientele the best services, and we always play by the rules established by Google.


Proven Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Our analytics offer us in-depth, comprehensive knowledge of your site. Then, we put together a strategy to make sure your goals are met, and continually modify and develop it in order for you to get the maximum return on investment for every dollar spent. Our search engine optimization plans are developed by a well-established SWOT analysis that’s crucial to any search engine optimization strategy.

Obtain Qualified Traffic

Gaining targeted traffic to your site is what Reticence Marketing does best. Our team capitalizes on strategic search engine optimization which ensures that your investment brings you a higher ROI. We’ll get qualified visitors to your pages who are paying customers precisely searching for what you’re offering, be it cars, shoes, services, or houses. It is our goal to get you to the top of those searches so that as they’re ready to buy, you are the first business available for them to purchase from.


Analyze Visitor Statistics and Determine Future Plans

Visitor statistics provide the backbone for future preparations. You may rest assured that we’re a company dedicated to your success. Because after all, as your company grows, we do, as well. We remain on top of the search engines and follow up with everything that shifts on the search engine optimization landscape and we’ll adjust to the frequent algorithm updates. We ensure that our search engine optimization strategy is concurrent with your business’ needs and search engines today, offering you working solutions; not out-of-date methods.

We utilize various SEO tools, like Google’s Website Optimizer & Analytics package. Utilizing those tools, we’ll run advanced tests which tell you precisely how much traffic you are receiving from a certain search query, what search terms are converting to more sales, and what terms you ought to write off.


Why Should You Choose Reticence Marketing?

Your site may benefit from the experience of our company. Because after all, our staff has a proven record of success with past clientele, and our experts are qualified from the search engine optimization industry. We have helped clients in Colorado and around the nation rank within the top ten of Google, and we maintain their positions. We have planned search engine optimization marketing campaigns, successfully executed them, and observed their progress. We’re masters at making sure that your site remains on the tracks which lead it to thrive, as well as drive lucrative growth.

We like to consider ourselves a loyal search engine optimization service provider. In conjunction with each commitment made, we aim to keep our clients’ business a secret. When you sign an NDA, we safeguard all clients’ project information, and take safety steps to allow it to be protected behind proper coding, SSL, and encryption. It allows your information to be your own; not fall into the improper hands, particularly today with the plague of piracy, trade secrets, and plagiarism.

Reticence Marketing Ensures Your Customers Discover You Every Time

We will inform you of all the steps to make sure your project is outlined and well defined. We will stipulate the correct budget and develop a search engine optimization plan solution which is able to help you with your needs. It’s a quick service we’re glad to assist you in getting started with, and one which ensures a fast project turnaround.

Do not ignore the search engine optimization market and value it adds to your business. Act now and allow us to lead you with the most effective and latest search engine optimization solutions which bring results. Concentrate on your business and monitor your return on investment while allowing us to do all the challenging work with off-page and on-page SEO that is targeted to bring you converting profits.

Are You Ready?

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