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Kolten: Thank you to everyone for tuning in to the Dare to Dream podcast courtesy of Reticence Marketing, a digital marketing firm based here in Colorado Springs. I’m Kolten, and I’m sitting here with Frank from Dream Again, LLC Business Consulting. Frank, if you could introduce yourself real quick.

Frank Sinclair: Hi, Frank Sinclair, right here from Dream Again.

Kolten: Awesome, so Frank if you can just go and maybe into a little bit of detail about what your company is, what you do, what type of clientele you’re looking for, just kind of a general outline.

Frank: Sure. We are a business coaching and personal coaching company. What we target is people who have not been able to engage in coaching in the past. Coaching’s a very expensive endeavor, we understand that. Our philosophy is that we attempt to bridge the gap between discouragement and hope. We do that by discovering people’s stories and allowing those stories to guide us into where a person purpose on earth is, and what they’re supposed to be doing.

Kolten: Perfect. Obviously, this is a marketing-oriented podcast, so when it comes to the business owners that you’re working with and things of that nature, what would you recommend as practical next steps for businesses to increase their marketing strategy especially the smaller companies that really don’t have a huge budget for it? Because I know that’s really what you’re looking for is to work in a more affordable manner.

Frank: Indeed. Marketing, we know is expensive. We’re afraid of throwing money against the proverbial wall and not sticking. We’re all trying to gain allies in the marketing and business community. What we attempt to do is connect people with other business partners that become a marketer and ally or the advocate for you in the marketplace. You become top of mind, and I know we do a lot of networking and a lot of those type things. I’ve built a very broad network of people that I help our participants connect with so that they don’t get on that durable wheel of going round and round with no money, needing to be known, and not getting known because of their lack of budgets, the lack of resources.

Kolten: I totally understand that, and that seems to be the calamity of many businesses, especially smaller ones. We’re talking a little bit about marketing, and with your company specializing in networking and actual relationship marketing, what effect would you say that has on a small business owner’s ability to succeed?

Frank: Well, I’ve been in business since June 1st, but I can say that we’ve had some very, very good outcomes. I have approximately 14 clients since June 1st. Not only does working with me give a person the opportunity to save some money but on the practical side, I’ve connected with people who gained real relationship and real monies in monetary value in those relationship. Network marketing is good, and I’m out in the community a lot in connecting with people.

I guess, we just connect with a lot of people that bring no value to us, we don’t bring any value to them. The whole process becomes really frustrating over time, so we try to sit in the middle of that process and make sure that people are connecting. So far, we have had 8 of the 14 people that I’ve connected with, that are making monies through that.

Kolten: Awesome, and that’s definitely the ultimate goal there. I know that we’ve met briefly before. If you could maybe just explain real quick before– We’re approaching the end of this podcast. If you could just explain real quickly how you got started in business, why you became an entrepreneur and business owner, and how that’s really affected your life.

Frank: Well, appreciate that Kolten. My story’s upside down of the typical story. I came into Colorado Springs 35 years ago, out in the air force, after spending eight years in the air force. Promptly, because of alcoholism and some other problems, became a homeless man in Colorado Springs. One person who contacted me and gave me an opportunity to turn that around and work and mentored my life, self-value really instilled in me the power of want.

I don’t believe that anyone has an excuse that they can’t impact others positively. The reason I say this upside down because all three of my children are business executives in Denver. I saw their entrepreneurship, and I can only assume that my wife and I had some impact or influence in our kids becoming that, so I came around later and I came into the entrepreneurial world after seeing the success of my children about three years ago.

Kolten: Wow, that’s definitely an interesting story, and it’s a good one. That’s an awesome rags to riches story, as we love to feature on this podcast. I mean, obviously, the title of our podcast is Dare to Dream, so that’s really the entire point. There’s nothing we can’t change, nothing we can’t do. The entrepreneurial mindset is really a different mindset from, I guess, you could say, mainstream society. We’re pretty much at the end of the podcast here. If you just want to take a moment, maybe re-summarize your company, what you guys are doing, and give our audience some contact information in case they want to get in touch with you.

Frank: Thank you very much, Kolten. Once again, my name is Frank Sinclair. My business is Dream Again Business Consulting and Dream Again, LLC. We bridge the gap between discouragement and hope, and we attack those discouragement bumps that are really [unintelligible 00:06:44] business all of us encounter them. We help with the biggest stumbling block for businesses, and that’s the business owner.

Moving forward in business, being positive, lifting them up, encouraging them and helping them to get past those discouragement bumps is what we major in. My phone number is 719-460-2453. I, like Kolten, live here in Colorado Springs. My website is dreamagaincos.com. My email address is frank@elite-roofs.com. I still kept my old email for my son’s business right now. That’s what I’m known by, so we’re rolling with that.

Kolten: Well, thanks once again, Frank. It was a pleasure to have you on the show.

Frank: Kolten, thank you very much for inviting me. You all have a great night and use Kolten’s services. He’s awesome.

Kolten: [laughs] Thank you so much. All right, and thanks to everyone for tuning in. This is the Dare to Dream podcast. Go ahead, and catch us next week.

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