When you’re asking for other people’s time, even if it’s the time of your employees, you want to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Even though you’re paying them, your employees have work that they need to do for your business, so when you have a meeting, you need to make it as productive as possible. You also want to make it professional so that people take the time seriously. When you incorporate these strategies for planning a meeting, you’ll get better engagement through the more professional tone that you’re setting.


One of the most important components of a successful meeting is organization. When people need to wait for the speaker to find their materials, they tend to take it less seriously than they would if the meeting started on time. Unprepared people give others the impression that their message isn’t really that important or, even worse, that they don’t respect the time of others. To be organized before a meeting, get all of your materials together beforehand. Utilize new technologies to impress and instruct participants. Have a meeting agenda so that people understand where the meeting is going, and get together any other materials, such as a whiteboard and writing materials before the meeting starts.


The place that you conduct your meetings greatly impacts the quality of them. When you’re choosing a meeting place, find somewhere that’s professional and functional. If it’s noisy or too hot, you’ll lose people to distraction. Selecting the proper meeting space sets the tone for your meeting, and a professional meeting room sends the message that there’s important business to attend to. Also, a particular meeting place makes the meeting feel more deliberate rather than impromptu.

Proper Notice

When you have meetings, make sure that you send out proper notice well in advance. If you have a business in which people work in shifts, such as at a grocery store, people will need to know about the hour or two that they need to come into the store for the meeting well in advance so that they have time to alter their regular schedules. If you plan on having a meeting in the middle of the day during your employees’ regular work schedule, they still need to know in advance. People likely have work that they need to do, so they’ll appreciate notice so that they can better plan their entire day. When you give people proper notice, you’ll get better attendance, and people will be more engaged and readier to focus.

Creating a professional environment for any type of work meeting is essential for conducting productivity. When you incorporate these tips, more people will attend with a work mindset.

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