“Listen I just quit my job, I’m broke but I started this company…”

These were my own words from just a few months ago, while speaking to a friend about the beginnings of Reticence Marketing.

Coming from a background in Hotels & Hospitality as well as a brief stint in the Army, I finally decided to quit my full-time job around July, 2018 and pursue my dream of owning and operating a company that would place people first. A company that would focus on relationships and service rather than worrying about the bottom line.

Since the day I wrote those words, Reticence Marketing has sprouted roots all over our community. We have experienced the business world in a variety of ways – From our highs to our lows, we’re only getting started.

I wanted to take a few moments today to talk about those words mentioned in the beginning quote of this article – “Listen I just quit my job, I’m broke but I started this company…”  This speaks to the heart of what business owners and entrepreneurs experience every single day. The hope and passion involved in building your own brand and business from nothing is an art that’s often forgotten by mainstream society.

When I first started Reticence Marketing I; in all honesty, had no idea what I was doing. Marketing? Yeah, I had a general idea and some good knowledge about the industry – I knew how to build websites and understood the basics of SEO and Social Media; but I was completely lost among a sea of Digital Marketers dominated by large, money-centric behemoths of marketing agencies.

But I continually refined my skills, learning from industry best practices and experimenting across a variety of platforms and marketing automation systems. People ask me all the time what my “trick” is – How did I learn marketing so fast, and how am I so good at it? Truth is… There isn’t a trick, just a mindset.

When I examine industry best practices and the systems that are taught by well-known marketing “gurus” and large agencies alike, I simply think to myself “How do I do this differently, and how do I do it better?”

I’m not interested in being like everyone else; in fact, the entire reason that I started this company was to break the outdated and tiresome molds of the business world and marketing industry. Bringing a relationship-centric mindset back into the business world is an insanely powerful marketing strategy in and of itself.

Marketing; as in all things, exists in two different thought patterns – Both of which are important. The practical (or the technicalities and steps that you take in order to achieve a desired outcome) and the philosophical/theoretic (or the “larger vision” of the company – Why do you do what you do, what’s the point of you being in business, why should people buy from you as compared to everyone else?).

The issue that most business owners and marketers alike face in creating stunningly effective marketing strategies and systems is that they tend to choose one or the other. They’re either focusing on the technicalities of marketing – SEO, Social Media, Website design and advertisement, etc or they’re focusing completely on the philosophical side of marketing – “I do what I do because (list reasons here)” but they lack the follow-through of an effective technical marketing system to actually get their message out there.

One of our favorite sayings here at Reticence Marketing is “We help you to tell your story to an engaged audience that’s ready and willing to listen.”

What does this mean? It means that our primary focus is to create a balanced marketing strategy that accurately and effectively addresses both sides of the equation.

Listen, I found my passion. I’m motivated and inspired, I want to help you grow. I want to see your company succeed and your dreams become a reality. Are you ready?