Web design to attract and target young customers

In today’s market, it is essential for any successful company to have a website. Sometimes a more traditional company will reject this idea and try to survive without complying, and end up failing to compete with other more superior companies that choose to design web sites for easily accessible information and ordering. Don’t fight it. Having a well-designed website is vital in making something successful in today’s world.

Web design strategy is something that not all companies have immediate access to with their current employees. Hiring a website design company can make the entire process much easier and help you on getting your ideas and your vision on your web page. Professional website designers know what works and what doesn’t. For them, they know how to improve your company, and there is no trial and error. There is no guesswork. This isn’t the first time they have done this.

Millennials and website aesthetic

The ultimate goal when creating a website for your business is to make it easy and fast for customers and clients to view and subsequently purchase your goods or services. Website design should include many essentials for users of all ages including fast page speed, a search bar, and easy to view and read content. Websites should also always be accessible on all smartphones.

There are thousands and thousands of templates that you can choose from to create your company’s website. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can go off script and hire a website design company that can help you build your perfect website from scratch. There are no limits, and you have the freedom to be as creative as you want. A company website says a lot more than you would think about a brand, and it is important to make sure you are sending the right messages to consumers.

Make sure to always have a section on your website that offers answers to frequently asked questions and another section on ways to contact the company directly. You can provide contact information or to make it even easier, you can create a form to fill out that automatically contacts the company for customers that have any questions or concerns. This requires some simple coding, which can be done for your company by a professional website design company.

User experience and design for young people

The design of a website is a very important factor in whether or not a company’s website will be successful. Cluttered and crowded web pages often overwhelm consumers, and usually leads to a quick jump back to their search results. The font type, size, and color should be carefully chosen. Even the backgrounds of text is something that has to have special attention paid to. Dark colors make things hard to find on pages, and when in doubt, just use white. Light colors on white backgrounds are popular on websites to give the web pages a clean and simple look.

Websites should not have too many things going on in one place. A menu should always be at the top of each page and navigation should not be complicated at all. There are many things that could make up the different sections of the websites such as an FAQ and contact section as stated earlier, and other sections as well like a page dedicated to the staff and team members. Another section could be recent news about the company and its products, awards the company has won, customer forums, and much more! Be careful as to not overload your website with tons of information, and if you are having more than five or so categories, it is probably best to end it there.

Marketing to millennial culture

History has shown time and time again that the best way to bring attention to a company is to collaborate or work alongside a social justice, human rights, or activism campaign. It’s no coincidence that Nike partnered with NFL star Colin Kaepernick shortly after he began his widely controversial protest of police brutality by kneeling on the field during the national anthem. It’s no coincidence that their ad campaign reads, “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything,” right across Kaepernick’s face.  

Young people everywhere went wild when this ad was dropped. It covered every Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feed. It was on news channels nationwide. People began posting photos of themselves burning their Nike apparel in protest. Memes were made. Arguments between friends and families were created. A new conversation was being had, and it was because of the company Nike choosing to use their wide reaching platform to showcase this issue.

Although the company did lose some conservative thinking fans and customers, the amount of attention that was brought to their brand more than made up for those losses. By creating an advertising campaign that ran parallel to this social justice issue that millions of Americans are so passionate about, Nike increased sales and awareness of police brutality.

It makes sense for a company that participates in such charitable and philanthropy based practices to make this a forefront on the website. A company that is looking to target millennials with their advertising and website design should absolutely invest in the possibility of working with an organization or helping to fund and create a new foundation to help bring awareness and possibly change actual policy on important social issues. We have seen the success in this with brands such as Toms with gun control, Ben and Jerry’s and expunging past marijuana convictions, and Coca-Cola and the environment. Dove encourages positive body image and acceptance.

Young people have brought in new waves of technology, social interactions and customs, ways of speaking and communicating, and activism. Middle and high schoolers all over the world are banning together on various social media platforms to encourage the awareness and necessity for regulations to prevent further irreversible climate change. Companies that wish to employ marketing strategies that target millennials and younger generations should take advantage of the new forms of digital activism that are happening in school hallways, in the lunchrooms, and on the bus.

The difficult millennial market

In order to infiltrate the millennial market, you need to speak and write website content that looks and sounds like a typical millennial. Slang, when used in moderation, can be a great way to show how connected a company is with youth culture. A clothing company that targets females ages 20-30 could use something like, “Handbags on fleek,” to say that their purse selection is nice. A travel company could use words like “girl gang,” or “squad,” or “fam,” to inspire people to go on vacations with their friends and family.

Car companies can use words like “shook” to describe the shock that the neighbor will feel when they see you pull up in your new vehicle. A luxury company could use a slogan like, “It pays to be extra,” to show that they are aware of their high and over the top prices, but they are worth it. The list goes on and on. Words like ratchet, lit, feels, woke, and GOAT are all great examples of slang terms that are used in everyday millennial conversation, and can be a great tool when creating a website that is designed to draw in an audience comprised of young adults.

The millennial market is complex, but not impossible to understand. Hiring a website design company that is efficient and knowledgeable on optimizing your web site to target key audiences and consumers on is easier than it sounds. In conclusion, there are many things that make the millennial generation so unique and full of untapped potential. Young people want to see companies that are committed to giving back. They want to get behind and become loyal customers to brands that put in effort to being socially responsible.

Millennials have been cultivated in a culture that is based around instant gratification. Young people see something they want, and they have to have it as soon as possible. If something is taking too long, it isn’t worth it. There’s literally hundreds of millions of other options right at their fingertips. Don’t lose out on valuable customers for

simple mistakes like not having a properly designed and optimized website.

About The Author: Nicola Yap lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her two cats Marcie and Lambert. When she isn’t writing blog posts, she’s probably playing video games or doing something as equally unproductive. She works as an organic marketing strategist for Eminent SEO, a full-service digital marketing agency that creates custom websites and innovative marketing solutions for small to medium-sized businesses that are looking for impactful results.