Are your business sales dropping or is your customer growth dipping? If your marketing feels like it’s becoming stagnant, it might be time for a rebrand. Even if your brand may have been effective in the past, there’s a possibility that it no longer fits with current branding trends.

That’s why we’ve put together a few tips on how to rebrand on a budget so you can rejuvenate your business even when there’s not much left in the bank. Who knows? It might even improve sales or reach an entirely new target market.

Plan Your Strategy

Before you can even begin rebranding your business, you need to have a business plan in place. This will help manage your finances more effectively and help find the most affordable ways to update your identity. In order to create your rebranding plan, it’s important to research different design companies that will give you the best offers for updating your marketing tools.

It’s important to know exactly what you’re going to rebrand as well. Ask yourself whether you want to give your company a new face and change everything or if you only want to make current features trendier.

Research Branding Trends

As technology advances, different marketing techniques and branding concepts become more popular. In order to modernize your startup, you need to understand what trends are more acceptable. You also need to brainstorm ways that your business can compete with your competitors.

Once you’ve planned your strategy, you should understand what new identity you’re trying to communicate to your existing customer base. It’s important to draw in new customers without excluding existing ones.

DIY Your Website

Many website design platforms will give you full control over the aesthetic look of your website for a reasonable price. If you take the time to revamp your website without hiring anyone, you can save a lot of money. When you redo your website, consider how you can use imagery, color and font to communicate your new identity to a particular customer base.

Color can evoke certain emotions so it’s important to find the right colors for your rebrand. Vibrant imagery can also draw more people to your website.

Update Your Logo

Updating your logo can make your brand seem new and relevant, but it’s important to remember that your current recognizability lies with your old design. That’s why we suggest updating your logo rather than creating a new one. Finding creative ways to rejuvenate the current look of your logo can make it more exciting and create intrigue among potential customers.


By using a technology logo maker, you can redesign your logo so that it’s relevant. Consider making it bolder and flashier. Both the white Apple logo and rainbow colored one are effective but represent different brand identities. Why not try imitating this concept?

Market Your New Brand

Now that you’ve decided on a new brand and reflected this identity in your logo and website, you need to market it. Using the same colors and imagery throughout your marketing platforms, such as social media or email newsletters, can be an effective way of emphasizing your new identity.

Before you launch your new brand, you can always announce that you’re updating your identity on your marketing platforms weeks in advance. The mystery around your new look will also gain attention and means that more people will notice the change when it’s announced.

Be Creative

Even if you’re using elements from your existing brand, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative. With the Apple logo example, a simple change in color can have an impact but if you’re rebranding you might as well have some fun. Use flashy imagery or bright colors.

If you’re targeting a new market, you can even go the opposite way by making your business more sophisticated. The options are endless. The only limit is your imagination.


Rebranding your business is a great way to remind people that you still exist. It’s also an effective way of finding new customers or showcasing your brand to different people. Marketing trends are always changing so it’s important to stay up to date so you don’t get left behind.

Finding affordable design tools means that even as a small business, you can rebrand without breaking the budget. Are you ready to gain some popularity?

Author bio

Alicia Rother is a freelance content strategist who works with small businesses and startups to boost their brand reach through creative content design and write-ups. You can connect with her here.