4 Ways Small Businesses Can Leverage Web Design to Boost Growth


When it comes to designing a new website for your small business, remember the principal: form follows function. A website that looks amazing, yet provides users with a poor experience, fails not only the small business it represents, but also the community in need of service.


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When embarking on a new web design project for your small business, be sure to reflect the character and brand of your business while providing website visitors (and potential customers) with the features and valuable information they’ve come to expect in a website.


Take a look at just a few of the ways a powerful web design can benefit your Colorado Springs small business.


Generate Leads with Thoughtfully Placed Calls-to-Action


When designing your website, start by defining the business goals you’d like to achieve. A website, after all, is a tool small business owners can leverage in order to grow their customer base.


When you start a web design project from scratch, you have the advantage of creating this new site in a way that will guide website visitors to take certain actions. Before you begin, come up with a list of soft and a list of hard calls-to-action (CTAs) you’d like to incorporate in your web design. Soft CTAs will typically provide website users with more information about your business or service before they make a purchase. Hard CTAs will help users get in touch with your business regarding the next steps to becoming a customer. Both types of CTAs will require the website user to provide you with basic contact information like name, email, and phone number. Examples of both types of CTAs are shown below.


Soft CTAs:

  • Download an eBook
  • Request More Information
  • Download our brochure


Hard CTAs:

  • Request a Consultation
  • Request a Demo
  • Schedule an Appointment
  • Call Now


By thoughtfully placing CTAs on every page of your website, you will be able to help guide website users down the sales funnel. Be sure to schedule a strategy session with your web design providers to discuss optimal CTA placement.


Build Your Prospects List with Onsite Forms


As mentioned above, each time a user requests to speak with someone at your small business, or requests a brochure, ebook, or more information, you should be collecting their contact information. You can do this by placing forms on each service and landing page of your new website.


Gated content and form submissions are a fantastic way to grow your prospect customer list for remarketing purposes. Use contact lists from your website to build email campaigns or customized audiences on social media platforms like Facebook.


Become a Thought Leader with Unique & Relevant Content


You don’t have to be Apple or Google to become a thought leader in your community and industry. A new web design project can provide small businesses with a great opportunity to create new content for their website and designate a dedicated space for ongoing content production.


Small businesses can easily do this by creating unique articles based on new research, trends, products, or technology related to their industry. And while this content lives onsite, new articles and pages of the website can become a key player in your organic and paid social media strategy.


Get Found When People are Looking for Your Services

One of the best parts of having a beautifully designed, user-friendly web design is putting it to use! A small business with a great looking website that also functions as a sales funnel and information hub is a force to be reckoned with.


Strategic web design allows marketing teams to focus on getting your small business’s website in front of potential customers. The most common ways to do this include organic search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising. Optimization of both channels involve putting your website at the top of Google search results when potential customers are looking for your services online.


Web Design Services in Colorado Springs

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