In honor of Women’s History Month, I will give praise and honor to three very successful women in the world of business. When people hear “entrepreneurs,” they think of businessmen like Donald Trump, Howard Schultz, or Walt Disney. These men are very successful people, however, women have been given too little credit when it comes to success. Whether it’s writing, art, marketing, or just business in general, a woman has contributed to the world in many ways.

Sarah Blakely

  In Clearwater, Florida Sara Blakely was born on February 27, 1971, unaware of what her future held for her. While working in sales in the late 1990s, Sarah used to wear white trousers, and had no undergarment, because regular pantyhose were too uncomfortable, so she just left them off and wore only the trousers. One day she had a brilliant idea, and that one idea would change her life forever. She cut the feet section off of her pantyhose, and it would only come down to her ankles, leaving her much more comfortable than what she already was.

  Once she realized how brilliant of a product her invention would be, she spent the next two years working out the final designs and registering it for a Patent. It wasn’t long until she was able to convince a manufacturer to produce the product as the name “Spanx.” According to the Daily Mail, she had to tour the roads, standing outside department stores trying to sell her product since she didn’t have money. She did the best she could to sell them, and eventually, they wound up on shelves of famous department stores, being sold by certain celebrities that took interest in her new invention. Because of her dedication, determination, and integrity, she is now one of the most famous female millionaires in America.

J.K Rowling


  Known famous for the Harry Potter books, J.K. Rowling is true rags to riches story that encourage many young women (even men) to pursue and follow their dreams. Her story is known not only in the UK, but also all around the world; from Japan to America.

  J.K. Rowling struggled as a single mother after her saddening divorce with Portuguese Journalist, Jorge Arantes. After the initial divorce she and her daughter, Jessica, moved to Edinburgh to start a new life, and be near her younger sister. However, starting over for her and her daughter wasn’t easy. It was hard for her to support her and her daughter by herself, so she sought out support and ended up on welfare.

  In 1990, while traveling on a train from Manchester to London, an idea reportedly came to her for a young adult book. That book would later become an international hit and spawned a series of other books that would follow the story of the wizard Harry Potter. In an instant, her determination and dedication immediately caused her to rise to success and become well-known female in the world of business. To this day, she is still looking for ways to sell more books, and create worlds of fantasy that other children can escape to.

Indra K. Nooyi

  In 1955, a Woman by the name of Indra K. Nooyi was born, who had no idea just how successful her future would be. In southern India, Indra’s family was known to be middle class. With her father as a bank official and her grandfather as a district judge, she yearned for success, and her family was the inspiration that drove her to strive for success.

  Nooyi attended a Christian college there in India, majoring in Chemistry and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 1976. Soon after Nooyi earned a Master’s degree in business administration, majoring in finance and marketing at the Indian Institute of Management of Calcutta. After graduating college she ended up working with a textile maker, and soon after finding a similar position in the American company,“ Johnson & Johnson.”

  After struggling with some challenges as a young businesswoman, she submitted a letter to Yale University, not expecting any success with her application. However, despite her doubts, she was accepted and admitted into University School of Management. Along with the success of being admitted into the school, she was also offered financial aid. Her family were eventually on board with her decision to attend school in the United States, after all, it was unheard of for someone of her nationality to pursue something like this.

  While at Yale, she learned different trades and skills that would help her in the future for business. For example, skills such as working in a team, building a team, and planning corporate projects. In 1980, Nooyi graduated with a masters degree of public and private management from Yale. Soon after graduation, she went through the corporate ladder in various companies and businesses. Companies such as Motorola, Boston Consulting Group, Asea Brown Boveri (ABB), and Exxon Mobil.

  Soon after climbing up the ladder, she found herself working at PepsiCo In the late 1990s. During the Quaker Oats merger, Nooyi used her business expertise to steer the company in the right direction after PepsiCo took some wrong turns through the years. So in 2006, Nooyi was finally named the new Chief Executive of PepsiC after Reinemund announced his retirement. During the early 2000s, Nooyi was considered one of the top 50 most powerful women, despite being of a different nationality and growing up middle class in a foreign country.

  Both men and women have strived for years to become successful, and inspire the next generation to follow in their steps and show others how to control life. Everyone has to start somewhere and these stories are evident that anyone can go from rags to riches in a matter of years, depending on how much determination they equip themselves. These women were not given their fame, they were not handed their riches, they only had to reach out and grab it.

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