Most Digital Marketers today will tell you that low engagement on your social media profiles/pages is a death sentence; and that without paying them to manage your social media presence for you, you’re limiting your marketing potential.

This isn’t necessarily true, it’s 100% possible to manage your own social media strategy and to do so effectively. While engagement is a very important key metric in measuring the overall effectiveness of your social media presence, it’s not the only metric that matters.

Social Media spans a variety of networks and platforms which all offer specific “niches” in terms of both audience and content; Facebook is a personal network, Instagram is an open, photo-centric platform, and Twitter forces us to master the art of fitting an entire novel into 280 characters. Because of the relative “openness” of these networks, the opportunity for growing your business and brand is at an all time high.

No longer do business owners and entrepreneurs HAVE TO expend ungodly amounts of money on media and marketing companies just to exist – The power to impact our communities and the world at large now exists within the palm of our hand.

We now live in an instant-response, fast-paced technological society where your ability to interact virtually with as many people as possible MATTERS. This is where engagement as a social media metric comes into play – While it is true that high engagement tends to equal more conversions, higher sales and better brand presence; it is also true that engagement is based on momentum.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, it can often take time to build up the necessary momentum which then results in a high engagement rate over all social media networks. Many entrepreneurs who are faced with handling their own social media presence tend to throw out content in every direction, receive no response, and then give up entirely while angrily shouting “THIS BUSINESS WAS BUILT ON WORD OF MOUTH REFERALLS AND IT’S GONNA STAY THAT WAY” – Obviously, this isn’t a very effective method.

Engagement is an important metric – But it’s not the only one and it’s definitely not the most important, in my opinion.  Consider a scenario in which you; as a business owner, receive thousands of impressions, but minimal engagement – Guess what? You still received thousands of impressions! Planting the seed is just as important as growing the crop; in fact, the plant doesn’t exist at all without the seed having been put there in the first place.

I tend to refer to this as the “invisible seed” of social media. Sure, it can be a daunting task to continually put out good content – And it’s even more mentally demanding when you spend the hours building up your social media content only to see it receive 0 engagement across the board. But that’s not the point here – The point is that people are SEEING it.

Consistency is key when it comes to managing a successful social media strategy – You can make a post on any network that receives an absolute tonnage of engagements; but that’s absolutely useless unless the consistency of content is there to ensure that there’s a proper path for your audience to follow.

People are focusing way too much on engagement rates and not focusing nearly enough on the consistency of putting out GOOD content on a regular basis. You can build something really nice, but how the hell is anyone going to find it if there’s no path to get there in the first place?