Good morale in the workplace is essential for running a successful and productive business. Business owners should stop worrying quite so much about the bottom line and strive instead to create a pleasant, motivational and rewarding work environment with happy employees. If a positive and productive workplace is established for competent coworkers, the bottom line will often take care of itself. These fundamental elements of building a sound business are a key part of improving employee morale while boosting better productivity overall.


Top business leaders in every field know that better communication in any business can create a smoother operational environment that reduces job stress and builds better employee relationships. Effective workplace communication is key for the overall success of a business. This begins with listening to your staff’s ideas.

Work Environment

It’s important that employees like the environment they work in. You can create a good work environment by keeping in mind the importance of workplace safety, having a positive atmosphere and being considerate of the employees. There should be a culture of mutual trust, appreciation and respect. Bosses should model considerate behavior to set the tone for their workers.

Studies show that working in an attractive and welcoming environment can boost employee well-being and encourage greater creativity and motivation. The workplace design should also complement the specific job duties that each employee performs. A comfortable setting enhances productivity. Employees who have a say in the day-to-day operation of their workplace are more prone to feel valued, and they’ll usually have greater loyalty to the company. This also lessens employee turnaround. Happy workers will usually stay with a company, sometimes for their entire careers.

Employee Rewards

Business owners should also consider adding more employee rewards to their overall approach. These can be associated with work project schedules or everyday routines. Employees are attracted to jobs where they get rewarded for their good behavior, bright ideas and professional skills, and they generally stay in those positions longer. Most successful businesses offer their employees good health and retirement benefits plus other incentives.

Some terrific ideas on how to reward your hardworking employees include lunchtime massages or spa sessions, wellness programs at local fitness centers, special lunches for end-of-project rewards, gift cards for local stores, monetary bonuses, holiday turkeys, more days off and business promotional items. With the influx of younger employees from the millennial generation into the business arena, bosses have had to rethink the type of rewards and benefits that will attract this age group and keep them happy in their jobs. Some ideas include flexible scheduling, a workplace game room, better maternity/paternity leave benefits, on-site daycare, healthy snack options and incentives for energy-saving transportation like biking or carpooling.

Business owners and bosses can motivate their employees by providing a safe, pleasant and comfortable workplace designed to help employees perform their job duties better. Recognizing employees who perform well is essential to enhancing employee morale and job satisfaction. Most employees just want a little respect and a greater say over their workplace. Keeping your employees happy will improve your bottom line and make room for greater growth!