Should Your Small Business Implement Surveillance?

Should Your Small Business Implement Surveillance?

A number of small companies struggle with whether or not they should implement video surveillance. Every company has to make this decision on their own, but there are some excellent benefits to having video surveillance at a small business. For instance, it can help increase productivity, catch theft, and provide an overall safer environment for the business’s staff and customers.

Increase Productivity

Video surveillance is an excellent way to help increase the productivity of workers at a company. How can this help with productivity? People tend to do what is required of them if they know someone is watching them. By using productivity monitoring, members of management can easily see when workers are doing a good job. This can also be used to see who can be coached or improved. Therefore, the staff at a company with video surveillance are more likely to follow the rules and not slack off during work hours.

Catch Theft

The human eye is not perfect, and having video surveillance can be effective in catching theft on your premises. The hardest part of having a surveillance system is going over evidence later, which is why it’s important to plan your video surveillance system carefully and have some sort of method or “smart-search” function to help with looking over recordings. By having this type of function, management can easily access desired video times and camera angles to find specific frames and times when someone supposedly stole something from the premises.

Safe Environment

Video surveillance makes a business a safer atmosphere for both customers and employees alike. It also helps to reduce liability issues that can happen due to negligent workers or customers. It is a proven fact that when someone gets hurt on a job, they are usually provided with workers compensation. However, what happens if the injury occurred while the employee was doing something they should not be doing? Having video surveillance can allow business owners to review and analyze what happened leading up to injuries of anyone on their business site. It can also prevent things like sexual harassment claims or lawsuits, by having them in place throughout the business, whether it is an officer or a store. It’s a good idea to conduct regular workplace safety meetings on a wide variety of topics.

Overall, video surveillance can help improve the overall productivity and safety of a small business, and it can provide small business owners with the peace of mind that their staff is doing what they need to be doing while at work because they are unable to hide their actions from video cameras. Video surveillance can be expensive, but it is an investment that is well worth it for small businesses.

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