Revolutionizing an Industry

Revolutionizing an Industry

During the third quarter of the All-American Superbowl in 1984, Apple Computer released a commercial that spoke to the direct truth of why people buy products and services in the first place – Because they believe in what that product/service represents. In our modern era of fast-paced, advertisement-fed and profit-centered business practices; the human touch is becoming increasingly rare.

When Apple released their brilliant “1984” promotion, they had one thing in mind: Setting themselves apart from mainstream business advertising in the form of a message that spoke directly to the heart of its listeners. The video (see below) portrays a state of affairs that is gray, dull, and lacking of free thought, art or imagination. The creative spark of the human mind has been supposedly exterminated, and an entire populace has been transitioned from free-thinking, independent human beings into dull, mindless zombies – All of whom are forced to conform in order to simply survive.

And this is where the point is truly made…

A young woman; wearing vibrant white and red clothing, is seen sprinting through the deafening sound of pure nothingness, through the darkness and lack of feeling – Through the crowds of people who stand idly by, emanating the prisoners that they have become. With a burst of passion, she throws a sledgehammer across the room into the screen of a man that represents this state of affairs – Conformity, lack of passion, death of the human soul, etc.

With a sudden burst of light, all are awakened; and the screen blacks out to an image of the Apple Computer logo and the voice of a narrator announcing the launch of “Macintosh.”

In this video; the masses of people standing idly by and doing nothing except conforming to a wretched and depressing world represent (to me) the modern era of business. An era where profits are seen as the number one priority in every business exchange, and people are thrown to the sidelines in the pursuit of profit rather than people. The woman in vibrant red and white represents Apple Computer – The changemaker, the rebel, the revolutionary! With one sudden burst of light, the entire world would be revolutionized – And it was. 

In a general meeting discussing the Macintosh, Steve Jobs is quoted as saying:

“1981 – Apple II has become the world’s most popular computer, and Apple has grown to a 300 million dollar corporation, becoming the fastest growing company in American business history. With over fifty companies vying for a share, IBM enters the personal computer market in November of 1981, with the IBM PC. 1983. Apple and IBM emerge as the industry’s strongest competitors, with each selling approximately one billion dollars worth of personal computers in 1983. The shakeout is in full swing. The first major personal computer firm goes bankrupt, with others teetering on the brink. Total industry losses for 1983 overshadow even the combined profits of Apple and IBM.It is now 1984. It appears that IBM wants it all. Apple is perceived to be the only hope to offer IBM a run for its money. Dealers, after initially welcoming IBM with open arms, now fear an IBM dominated and controlled future and are turning back to Apple as the only force who can ensure their future freedom.IBM wants it all, and is aiming its guns at its last obstacle to industry control, Apple. Will Big Blue dominate the entire computer industry? The entire information age? Was George Orwell right?”

The legendary sociologist and leadership scholar Simon Sinek once said “Great leaders would never sacrifice the people to save the numbers; they would sooner sacrifice the numbers to save the people.” This is what it truly means to revolutionize an industry based on the idea that great products and great service come from the heart of a company, not the profit margins. 

In 1984, Apple Computer revolutionized the world. In 2019, Reticence Marketing will revolutionize an industry – Not because of our own self interest, but by the growth of our clients and our partners.

Apple Computer started in a garage, Reticence Marketing started in a basement. Companies aren’t valued by their beginnings, but by the great work they do and the way in which they go about it. It’s time to change the way business is done in the 21st century – It should always be about people, not about profits.

Never stop dreaming, never stop believing – #DaretoDream!




4 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

4 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

One of the best ways to maximize your business’s production is to ensure that all of your employees are on board. This is a team effort, after all. However, your employees won’t be invested in the business if there is no engagement. Here are four tips to do just that.


Providing employees with the promise of incentives can motivate them to work harder. The way incentives operate is that it causes people to be more committed to goals that they are supposed to reach. Incentives boost the morale of employees by showing them that their work is appreciated. Actually showing them a reward of some kind for their work reinforces that they are a valuable part of the team.

More Info: http://www.haveagreatday.com/employee-incentive-guide.html

Workplace Culture

Something else you will have to consider is the culture that will be created. If there is a culture where employees aren’t getting appreciation, or if there is a lack of transparency on a part of management, you can rest assured that there will be a decline in production. Without a productive culture, your employees will not be engaged and may look for employment elsewhere.

Relevant: https://getbambu.com/blog/culture-in-the-workplace/

Boost Communication Efforts

When employees speak to their bosses or management, they may feel as though they are speaking to the president. They do not feel as though their words, complaints or concerns will be adequately heard, and they are fearful that the communication will not be mutual. You may be hearing what they say, but if you aren’t listening and acting, employee morale will assuredly suffer.

Increased communication can make for a better workplace culture and provide more employee engagement.

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Employee Benefits

A generous package of benefits and perks are essential for not only engaging your talent but retaining them. It’s always easy for an employee to jump ship whenever they find a job with more benefits. Offering benefits indicates you respect the talent and skill your employee brings to the job.

If companies want to attract and retain top-tier talent, competitive and desirable benefits should be honored to incentivize your employees to stay. Neglect that, and their motivation will collectively go down.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can engage your employees. Consider these tips, and you will be able to compile a team of productive and motivated workers. Make sure you recognize their worth.

Crafting an ideal business takes a lot of work. Get the latest tips, advice, and insights into workplace culture with our online blogging content at Reticence Marketing. We’ll provide you with the latest in industry trends and developments.

4 Tips for Making A Lobby That Will Impress

4 Tips for Making A Lobby That Will Impress

The lobby at your workplace or office may not be where your employees spend the most time during the day, but it’s the first impression that you make on visitors. Lobbies are where your clients or partners will arrive for meetings or appointments, making it necessary to create a space that has a high level of appeal. When you’re ready to makeover the lobby, there are a few tips to follow to ensure that it impresses your guests.

1. Show Your Services

The lobby is an area where guests often wait for appointments and where they will likely spend some time taking a close look at their surroundings. Make it a point to show your visitors what your company offers with its goods or services. You can make use of your visitors’ time in the space by educating them about what you’re trying to sell and about what makes you stand out in your industry.

2. Present a Professional Appearance

When guests enter your office for the first time, they either subconsciously or consciously want to be convinced that you are an expert in your field. Minor details in your lobby can have a major impact on their perceptions of your services. Overflowing trash cans, a disorganized reception desk, or an unprofessional, slobbish security team can devalue a million-dollar lobby in the eyes of potential and current customers. OPS Security Group sums it up with, “Your front desk security staff should represent the brand image you envision for your property.”

3. Create A Comfortable Seating Area

CPS Interiors reminds, “If you would like your customers to feel comfortable when they enter your office, the right seating area is an excellent place to start.” You’ll want to create a comfortable seating area where your visitors can relax as they wait. Use upscale furniture that is modern and that represents your company. The type of furniture that is used should complement the style of your company and your brand to ensure that the space flows well. You’ll also want to allow your guests to have a view of the outdoors to prevent the lobby from feeling cramped. There should be several windows to open up the room and to allow it to feel more spacious.

4. Provide Information

Make use of the lobby and create a space where you can provide additional information to your guests. Consider displaying original photos of when the company first opened to provide insight on the history of the organization. You can also add a supply of brochures to offer more information about the services.

Creating an impressive lobby doesn’t have to be complicated or calculating. Knowing the right steps to take to improve the quality of the setting will allow you to attract more visitors and to feel proud to show off your building.

Here at Reticence Marketing, we believe in the power of individual business owners, entrepreneurs and dreamers to change the world. We want to be your partners in growth – are you ready to get started?

No Business is Ever Too Big to Fail

No Business is Ever Too Big to Fail

If one takes a quick look at history, then one quickly realizes that no corporation is ever too big to fail. Therefore, if you are a corporate leader, you need to make sure that you are paying attention every day. Here are some areas that you need to consider to make sure that your corporation does not join the failed list.

Faulty Thinking

Polaroid was once one of the largest camera companies in the world. Ask senior citizens, and they will tell you about waving one of the company’s instant photos in the air waiting for it to develop. The company sunk thousands into researching digital photography. Yet, they failed to bring a successful product to market because they always thought there would be a role for film cameras. This kind of faulty thinking happens in many different businesses, but be cautious that yours is not one of them.

Bad Reviews

Even releasing one product that the public does not approve of can sink even a major corporation faster than the Titanic. While there are many prime examples, one example is Sharper Image. For over 31 years, the company released obscure products and convinced the public that they must have them. As a result, the company became a household name. Then, they released an air purifier in 2002, and a trusted rating authority gave it a very bad rating. The result is that the corporation ended up fighting numerous lawsuits in court over the original article and with the original developer. After 31 successful years, the corporation could not overcome their financial woes in court and had to declare bankruptcy, serving as a reminder that the biggest corporations can fail.

Poor Product

It was not so many years ago that every kid wanted an Atari to play their video games on at home. The company’s Atari 2600 became the biggest selling game console of its time, and the video game Pong was on every child’s wishlist. Then, the company released the video game E.T. that many in the industry still consider the worst video game ever made. The result is that company officials buried thousands of games that the public refused to buy in a landfill and had to close their doors.

Tax Problems

Most companies work very hard at getting the most out of tax deductions, with plenty of resources online existing just to help companies squeeze out that last buck, but some large corporations avoid paying their legal share to disastrous effect. In the end, the government wins, and the corporation ends up failing. Such was the case with Ty Warner who created the Beanie Baby fad. When everyone just had to have one of his stuffed animals, Ty failed to pay his taxes. In the end, he ended up being convicted of tax evasion of $25 million in 2012 because he tried to hide his money in a Swiss bank account.

Use these examples to strengthen your own company’s position. Release good products that your customers want. Make sure to stay current with the times. Even though it is painful, pay your share of taxes. If you’ve made mistakes, all is not lost however. Several major companies who nearly lost it all for the reasons listed managed to bounce back by implementing key changes. Failing doesn’t mean your business is doomed — it just means you have to change your strategy.

If you’re ready for your business to get more customers, get a free business evaluation from us today and we will help your business succeed!

Your Guide To Interviewing Potential Employees

Your Guide To Interviewing Potential Employees

Hiring an employee can be a very daunting task, especially when it comes to certain parts of the hiring process which include the interview. It is shocking how many employers struggle with the interview process. Fortunately, there are guides to interviewing employees that will help you find the right person for the job.

Look Over Questions to Ask in Advance

One of the most critical aspects of an interview strategy for potential employees is preparing some questions. This will not only help the interview process go more smoothly, but it will also show the interviewee that you are reliable and competent. At the same time, you want to avoid the generic questions that are always asked in interviews such as where candidates see themselves in 5 years. For one thing, it gives very little information about the individual in relation to the job they are interviewing for.

Look Over Their Information

There is a reason that you asked for their resume. Therefore, you should look into it and get to know the candidate from the resume. This will help them feel a little more important. This will also make them a little more comfortable with the interview. This can also help you come up with questions to ask them.

Clearly Describe the Job

One thing that can be very frustrating for the candidate is that the job description is not clear. It is surprisingly common for people to get hired and not know enough about what they are going to be doing. If you take the time to explain what the candidate is going to be doing, then you will help make the candidate a little more comfortable and confident about his role in the company.

Allow Candidates to Ask Questions

Giving the candidate time to ask questions of their own can be very telling about what kind of worker they will be for your company, and it’s an insight that otherwise might have been impossible see without this section of the interview. Did they bring pre-prepared questions with them? Do they claim to have no questions at all? These moments can help you to see if your candidate is truly interested in learning more about your company and the work culture, or if they are only hoping to make a quick buck until the next good thing rolls their way.

When hiring candidates, you have to make sure that the interview process is going well. Often, a bad interview process can give both you and the candidate the wrong impressions. This can result in you losing the right person and hiring the wrong person. One thing that can help is making the interviewee feel comfortable. In many cases, they are going to be nervous. One of the best ways to ease their nervousness is by being clear about the job. For more articles on business tips and tricks, check out our blog!



5 Tips to Help You Qualify for a Business Loan

5 Tips to Help You Qualify for a Business Loan

If you are looking to get a business loan, it can seem overwhelming at first. After all, it can be confusing to know what you need to do in order to qualify in the first place. However, if you use the five tips below, you can vastly increase the chances that a lender will extend a loan to you for your business.

Show Capacity

One of the first things lenders want to see is your capacity to pay back a loan. This typically means that you need to raise your credit score. If you are wondering how to do that, the first thing you should do is pay down your credit card balances. As a general rule, consumers should only ever use up to 30% of their available credit; if you have more than that, pay down your debt below 30% to improve your credit and your standing before a potential lender. This will help you improve your chances.

Character as a Business Owner

The bank or lender is going to want to see that you have great character as a business owner. This shows them that you are the type of person they would want to do business with. Be sure to have plenty of testimonials and references from customers, friends, and business partners on hand.

Capital You Will Need

According to Inc, your chances of succeeding with your business are helped by anticipating future needs, spending, profits, and cash flow. The amount of capital you are asking for will affect your chances of getting the loan on the first try. Furthermore, how much money you will need going forward after the first loan is another factor. Be sure you can communicate what you will need and why so that your plan of action sounds solid. Back it up with a well-thought-out business budget.

The Condition of Your Business

The condition of your current business has a lot to do with your chances. If you are walking in with a failing business, the lenders might see your loan as just another thing that you will waste. Be sure to have a great vision or results to show the investors so they can be fully supportive.


It helps to have some form of collateral with your loan. This could be your house, your car, or the business assets. Anything to reduce the lender’s risk will help you in securing the loan you want.

When it comes to business, there is nothing more important than capital. Without the right funds, you can’t get the right investments in your business to grow at the rate you want. That is why it is crucial to know how to get a business loan. Use the tips above and secure a loan that will help you get where you want to go sooner rather than later.

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