5 Ways to Enhance Your LinkedIn Presence

5 Ways to Enhance Your LinkedIn Presence

LinkedIn has long been established as both a professional networking website and a B2B marketing gold mine. In the following article, we’re going to dive into some simple and easy ways that you can enhance your LinkedIn profile and begin generating more meaningful relationships. Notice how I said meaningful relationships? Yeah, let’s put an emphasis on that.

LinkedIn is known for its ability to provide a Facebook-like atmosphere tailored to professionals. The issue is; however, that it often becomes more of a sales tool than a social media network. So what exactly is the difference between treating LinkedIn as a sales tool, compared to treating it as a social media network?

It’s simple – Effective marketing is based on RELATIONSHIPS and genuine, authentic connections. The wrong turn that many are taking when it comes to their LinkedIn strategy is investing ridiculous amounts of money and time trying to SELL on the network, rather than CONNECT on the network. This isn’t to say that spending money on advertisements via LinkedIn or utilizing the amazing power of “bots” to automate the process is wrong; in fact digital marketing is INSANELY effective almost everywhere on the internet. But treating LinkedIn as nothing more than another opportunity to spam connections with “Hi my name is Steve and this is why you should buy my product/service” is not only ludicrous, it’s just annoying.

There’s nothing wrong with using LinkedIn to increase sales and conversions; but as in all things, a sales-mentality doesn’t do you much good in actually making sales. Instead, focus on the genuine and authentic relationships while streamlining creative and informative content – This is what makes you stand out from the competition.

Now that we’ve gotten that rant out of the way, let’s jump into the actual point of this article! Here’s 5 ways that you can significantly improve your LinkedIn presence:

  1. Focus on the People – Create genuine and authentic relationships (Reference the rant above)
  2. Don’t be afraid to grow your network – You don’t have to “know” someone to get to know them! Add people who interest you, may be ideal clients or possible partners in future ventures.
  3. Actually CONNECT with your network – Whether it’s by personally typing out messages and introductions, inviting connections to your email newsletter or using a bot to generate conversation; Don’t let your connections sit stagnant.
  4. Generate Content – Take advantage of LinkedIn articles and newsfeed posts. You should be using LinkedIn to provide your ideal clientele with information about what you do and why you do it. As in all things social media, content is king.
  5. Stop being lazy. Most of us tend to pick our favorite social network and stick with it – We either decide to completely automate the other networks or we forget about them entirely. Each network has its own personality and profile that reflects its most active users – Take advantage of every major social media network in order to tell the story of your business and brand. Don’t be afraid, just do it.

How to Set up Your Domain and Website Hosting

How to Set up Your Domain and Website Hosting

Watch the video walk-through here:

Domains and hosting are two of the most important starting points to creating your own website. In this short, simple and concise article we’ll guide you through setting up the Domain name and Hosting service for your new website.

Selecting a Hosting Provider

We recommend Siteground Hosting since we’ve worked with them on countless projects and currently use their servers to host our own websites.

This being said, there are a variety of other hosting options out there that are both affordable and effective. If you’re unsure of which Hosting Provider you’d like to use for your website, research is key. All website hosting services differ in terms of cost, quality of service provided, customer service and other key metrics such as data, storage, etc.

If you’re unsure of which hosting provider is right for you; feel free to reach out to us, we’d be happy to help.

Selecting a Domain Name

Selecting the right domain name for your business is an important part of the website setup process. A variety of small businesses tend to use domain names that don’t characterize their business well and aren’t the best in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). For the best results, follow these tips:

  • Keep Your Domain Name Short, Concise and Easy to spell (no weird letters or symbols that make user-error a common issue)
  • If this website is for your business, try to stick to the “.com” domain classification, this is better for SEO and is the most common.
  • Make sure that your domain name reflects your business

The most important aspect of choosing your domain name is ensuring that users will be able to find you or your business easily – Keep it simple!

Hosting Add-Ons and Premium Features

 All hosting services tend to have premium features and additional “add-ons” depending on what you need and/or want out of your hosting experience. These vary, but the most common are as follows:

  • SSL Certificates (Most hosting providers have an additional charge for an SSL, Siteground provides these for free with all hosting accounts)
  • Firewall/Security (Some hosting companies offer additional security options such as firewalls, DDoS protection and malware scanning)
  • Speed Optimization Systems
  • Dedicated IP Addresses, Private DNS
  • Domain Privacy

It’s important to read into the actual offerings of these premium services and do outside research to ensure that you’re not wasting your money on something that you don’t need. As always; if you have any questions, we’re here to help.

Start Designing!

Now that you’ve secured hosting for your website, it’s time to start building! Keep a look out for our next article and video walk-through as we guide you through the process of building your own website.

Register for Siteground Web Hosting Here: http://bit.ly/reticencehosting

“Listen I just quit my job, I’m broke but I started this company…”

“Listen I just quit my job, I’m broke but I started this company…”

“Listen I just quit my job, I’m broke but I started this company…”

These were my own words from just a few months ago, while speaking to a friend about the beginnings of Reticence Marketing.

Coming from a background in Hotels & Hospitality as well as a brief stint in the Army, I finally decided to quit my full-time job around July, 2018 and pursue my dream of owning and operating a company that would place people first. A company that would focus on relationships and service rather than worrying about the bottom line.

Since the day I wrote those words, Reticence Marketing has sprouted roots all over our community. We have experienced the business world in a variety of ways – From our highs to our lows, we’re only getting started.

I wanted to take a few moments today to talk about those words mentioned in the beginning quote of this article – “Listen I just quit my job, I’m broke but I started this company…”  This speaks to the heart of what business owners and entrepreneurs experience every single day. The hope and passion involved in building your own brand and business from nothing is an art that’s often forgotten by mainstream society.

When I first started Reticence Marketing I; in all honesty, had no idea what I was doing. Marketing? Yeah, I had a general idea and some good knowledge about the industry – I knew how to build websites and understood the basics of SEO and Social Media; but I was completely lost among a sea of Digital Marketers dominated by large, money-centric behemoths of marketing agencies.

But I continually refined my skills, learning from industry best practices and experimenting across a variety of platforms and marketing automation systems. People ask me all the time what my “trick” is – How did I learn marketing so fast, and how am I so good at it? Truth is… There isn’t a trick, just a mindset.

When I examine industry best practices and the systems that are taught by well-known marketing “gurus” and large agencies alike, I simply think to myself “How do I do this differently, and how do I do it better?”

I’m not interested in being like everyone else; in fact, the entire reason that I started this company was to break the outdated and tiresome molds of the business world and marketing industry. Bringing a relationship-centric mindset back into the business world is an insanely powerful marketing strategy in and of itself.

Marketing; as in all things, exists in two different thought patterns – Both of which are important. The practical (or the technicalities and steps that you take in order to achieve a desired outcome) and the philosophical/theoretic (or the “larger vision” of the company – Why do you do what you do, what’s the point of you being in business, why should people buy from you as compared to everyone else?).

The issue that most business owners and marketers alike face in creating stunningly effective marketing strategies and systems is that they tend to choose one or the other. They’re either focusing on the technicalities of marketing – SEO, Social Media, Website design and advertisement, etc or they’re focusing completely on the philosophical side of marketing – “I do what I do because (list reasons here)” but they lack the follow-through of an effective technical marketing system to actually get their message out there.

One of our favorite sayings here at Reticence Marketing is “We help you to tell your story to an engaged audience that’s ready and willing to listen.”

What does this mean? It means that our primary focus is to create a balanced marketing strategy that accurately and effectively addresses both sides of the equation.

Listen, I found my passion. I’m motivated and inspired, I want to help you grow. I want to see your company succeed and your dreams become a reality. Are you ready?

Is Social Media Management Right For Your Business?

Is Social Media Management Right For Your Business?

Social Media Management is a hot topic in Digital Marketing, as you may very well know. Business Owners are pummeled with offers from a variety of both marketing agencies and individuals who took a “How to Succeed at Facebook Ads” course online for about $10 and have now deemed themselves marketing professionals. But the question still arises:

What exactly IS Social Media Management – And How Can it Help Your Business?

According to CXSocial: “Social Media Management is the act of monitoring and participating in social conversations across platforms.”

I guess that’s pretty self explanatory, so let’s jump into the pros and cons of using a professional social media management company for your business. It all starts with ensuring that your social media presence aligns with your goals as a business owner – Many business owners buy into the mainstream thought that posting content (of whatever caliber of quality) is all that you need in order to grow on social media websites/apps. What we then see is a large quantity of businesses posting random shit (OH NO, He said a bad word) and wondering where the engagements and conversions are.

The truth is that while content is most certainly king when it comes to modern day digital marketing, GOOD CONTENT is even better. Huh; imagine that, right?

This means that posting random shit and hoping for a good result isn’t really going to help you grow your business – Post QUALITY content; whether it be special offers & deals, insights into your workday or testimonials from current and past clients. Offering educational content is always a plus as well, even though it scares the hell out of business owners because they don’t want to “give away their secrets.” Well; here’s the thing, you’re not hiding the Coca Cola recipe in your business bag of tricks, so provide your tips, your insights and your “life hacks” as a portion of your content – This is what allows people to begin to subconsciously develop a trust-based relationship with your brand.

So let’s dive into the actual pros and cons of using a professional social media management company when it comes to this portion of your marketing strategy.


  • Professional Insight
  • More familiar with the “ins and outs” of different social media channels
  • Able to curate and develop content FOR YOU, thus saving you time and money


  • Can be relatively expensive (Good Social Media Management USUALLY starts at around $400/month)
  • You can do it by yourself, honestly
  • Social Media Managers aren’t “one in the same” – Some are good, some are bad, and others are downright terrible.

As in all things, there are pros and cons. Fact is, you can do all of this by yourself. You don’t “need” a social media manager or a professional marketer in order to put out good content on a regular basis. Sometimes; however, it is in your best interest to hire a marketing company to handle social media channels for you. But it all rests on finding a solid, reliable and affordable Digital Marketing company that places your goals and priorities above their own bottom line.

I suppose we should return back to the original question posed in this article: Is Social Media Management Right For Your Business?

It Depends. I’m not going to tell you that this specific area of marketing is the key to your success when it comes to marketing yourself online; because such a thing doesn’t exist. It’s up to you; as a business owner and entrepreneur, to decide where you want to put your resources – and the companies that you want to work with in order to help you actualize your vision.

A goal for this week: Whether you decide to hire a social media management company or handle your content curation yourself – Let’s get the ball rolling this week. Whether that means using outside tools such as Hootsuite to manage your own social media or simply grabbing your phone and making a few videos talking about what you do and why you do it. No more procrastinating on the thing that so many business owners fear: Having to actually present themselves to an audience. It begins today – Start posting!

Revolutionizing an Industry

Revolutionizing an Industry

During the third quarter of the All-American Superbowl in 1984, Apple Computer released a commercial that spoke to the direct truth of why people buy products and services in the first place – Because they believe in what that product/service represents. In our modern era of fast-paced, advertisement-fed and profit-centered business practices; the human touch is becoming increasingly rare.

When Apple released their brilliant “1984” promotion, they had one thing in mind: Setting themselves apart from mainstream business advertising in the form of a message that spoke directly to the heart of its listeners. The video (see below) portrays a state of affairs that is gray, dull, and lacking of free thought, art or imagination. The creative spark of the human mind has been supposedly exterminated, and an entire populace has been transitioned from free-thinking, independent human beings into dull, mindless zombies – All of whom are forced to conform in order to simply survive.

And this is where the point is truly made…

A young woman; wearing vibrant white and red clothing, is seen sprinting through the deafening sound of pure nothingness, through the darkness and lack of feeling – Through the crowds of people who stand idly by, emanating the prisoners that they have become. With a burst of passion, she throws a sledgehammer across the room into the screen of a man that represents this state of affairs – Conformity, lack of passion, death of the human soul, etc.

With a sudden burst of light, all are awakened; and the screen blacks out to an image of the Apple Computer logo and the voice of a narrator announcing the launch of “Macintosh.”

In this video; the masses of people standing idly by and doing nothing except conforming to a wretched and depressing world represent (to me) the modern era of business. An era where profits are seen as the number one priority in every business exchange, and people are thrown to the sidelines in the pursuit of profit rather than people. The woman in vibrant red and white represents Apple Computer – The changemaker, the rebel, the revolutionary! With one sudden burst of light, the entire world would be revolutionized – And it was. 

In a general meeting discussing the Macintosh, Steve Jobs is quoted as saying:

“1981 – Apple II has become the world’s most popular computer, and Apple has grown to a 300 million dollar corporation, becoming the fastest growing company in American business history. With over fifty companies vying for a share, IBM enters the personal computer market in November of 1981, with the IBM PC. 1983. Apple and IBM emerge as the industry’s strongest competitors, with each selling approximately one billion dollars worth of personal computers in 1983. The shakeout is in full swing. The first major personal computer firm goes bankrupt, with others teetering on the brink. Total industry losses for 1983 overshadow even the combined profits of Apple and IBM.It is now 1984. It appears that IBM wants it all. Apple is perceived to be the only hope to offer IBM a run for its money. Dealers, after initially welcoming IBM with open arms, now fear an IBM dominated and controlled future and are turning back to Apple as the only force who can ensure their future freedom.IBM wants it all, and is aiming its guns at its last obstacle to industry control, Apple. Will Big Blue dominate the entire computer industry? The entire information age? Was George Orwell right?”

The legendary sociologist and leadership scholar Simon Sinek once said “Great leaders would never sacrifice the people to save the numbers; they would sooner sacrifice the numbers to save the people.” This is what it truly means to revolutionize an industry based on the idea that great products and great service come from the heart of a company, not the profit margins. 

In 1984, Apple Computer revolutionized the world. In 2019, Reticence Marketing will revolutionize an industry – Not because of our own self interest, but by the growth of our clients and our partners.

Apple Computer started in a garage, Reticence Marketing started in a basement. Companies aren’t valued by their beginnings, but by the great work they do and the way in which they go about it. It’s time to change the way business is done in the 21st century – It should always be about people, not about profits.

Never stop dreaming, never stop believing – #DaretoDream!




4 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

4 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

One of the best ways to maximize your business’s production is to ensure that all of your employees are on board. This is a team effort, after all. However, your employees won’t be invested in the business if there is no engagement. Here are four tips to do just that.


Providing employees with the promise of incentives can motivate them to work harder. The way incentives operate is that it causes people to be more committed to goals that they are supposed to reach. Incentives boost the morale of employees by showing them that their work is appreciated. Actually showing them a reward of some kind for their work reinforces that they are a valuable part of the team.

More Info: http://www.haveagreatday.com/employee-incentive-guide.html

Workplace Culture

Something else you will have to consider is the culture that will be created. If there is a culture where employees aren’t getting appreciation, or if there is a lack of transparency on a part of management, you can rest assured that there will be a decline in production. Without a productive culture, your employees will not be engaged and may look for employment elsewhere.

Relevant: https://getbambu.com/blog/culture-in-the-workplace/

Boost Communication Efforts

When employees speak to their bosses or management, they may feel as though they are speaking to the president. They do not feel as though their words, complaints or concerns will be adequately heard, and they are fearful that the communication will not be mutual. You may be hearing what they say, but if you aren’t listening and acting, employee morale will assuredly suffer.

Increased communication can make for a better workplace culture and provide more employee engagement.

Related: https://www.theemployeeapp.com/internal-communication-app-helps-improve-employee-engagement/

Employee Benefits

A generous package of benefits and perks are essential for not only engaging your talent but retaining them. It’s always easy for an employee to jump ship whenever they find a job with more benefits. Offering benefits indicates you respect the talent and skill your employee brings to the job.

If companies want to attract and retain top-tier talent, competitive and desirable benefits should be honored to incentivize your employees to stay. Neglect that, and their motivation will collectively go down.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can engage your employees. Consider these tips, and you will be able to compile a team of productive and motivated workers. Make sure you recognize their worth.

Crafting an ideal business takes a lot of work. Get the latest tips, advice, and insights into workplace culture with our online blogging content at Reticence Marketing. We’ll provide you with the latest in industry trends and developments.

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