6 Google Tools to Help Businesses Thrive

Google has many different applications that can help your business thrive. Since Google makes money when you make money, their incentive is to keep you on their platform. The great thing about Google is that everything can be controlled with one login and password, making it easy to import and export information across their multiple applications. Here are some of the best Google tools out there to help your business.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a valuable tool that you can use to learn about keyword research. It will help you figure out how much of your traffic comes from various search terms. You can also see what searches are trending in general. Google Trends lets you see how a certain search term has fared over a specific period of time, so you can decide which keywords to target and which to avoid.

Google Trends has many uses for marketing purposes. It can help you with content marketing and SEO, and you can also use the program to get a sense of what the public is interested in, which can inform your paid search strategy.

Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center is a centralized dashboard where you can control how you are presented in all Google e-commerce products. You can change all of your product listings from this one dashboard without having to go into each platform individually. You can also match your product data to the information on your landing page.

It’s advised that you invest in high-quality product images to attract customers to your offerings and to leave a strong impression of your brand. Good pictures will create a visually appealing look that will keep customers focused on your product as opposed to getting information from you but purchasing elsewhere.

Google My Business

Google My Business provides a way to get free advertising for your business. Once you claim your listing, you can be featured in local searches. You don’t have to pay extra for this Google service. With Google My Business, you create a business page and profile that customers can view when they are looking for a local business in your category. You can control what is in your profile and what people see when they are looking at your business page. Google’s platform allows you to make changes to your page from your smartphone or tablet.

Google News

One way to get your business or concept in front of more people is to ride the back of a news story that is getting significant buzz. This is a valuable way to drive search traffic to your business. You can use Google News to see what is trending and drawing the public’s attention and tailor your content marketing strategy to take advantage of that. If you are able to add your voice and business to the story before it reaches its peak, you can capture some traffic that can boost your search engine rankings. It can also help you to connect with new potential customers along the way.

Google Analytics

One of the most important tools that Google offers, Google Analytics allows you to analyze your website traffic to see where visitors to your site are coming from. You can also see how much of your site traffic is new versus returning visitors and how much time people are spending on your site. When you use Google Analytics, you can strengthen your choices for site content in order to maximize visitors. In other words, Google Analytics can give you insight into what on your website is working and what’s not. The easy-to-use dashboard shows you the statistics that you need to know upfront.

Google FeedBurner

Gaining repeat visitors to your website is one of the most effective ways to build your business. You can do this by using Google FeedBurner. This tool allows your customers to subscribe to your content. Subscribers receive a notification when there is an update to your business blog or other type of information on your site.

This tool is especially helpful if your website provides content along with your products. When your customers receive an email or text alerting them to your new content, they can click on a link directing them to your website to view it, thereby increasing your traffic. In turn, this surge in activity can help increase your Google search ranking. FeedBurner helps you make the most of your content marketing efforts.

Google offers a multitude of tools that you can take advantage of to increase your revenue. These tools can scale to meet the budget and needs of any size business from one-person endeavors to large corporations. By being familiar with all of the options available, you will have an idea of what to integrate into your business to help it thrive.

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4 Tips on Determining Whether a Potential Hire is a Good Fit

It can be challenging to discern if a potential hire will be a good fit for your company and its culture. However, it is imperative to the future success of your business that you make the right hiring decisions. The process can be difficult to organize successfully. Here are four proven ways to determine whether a potential job candidate will be a good match with your business.

Ask About Future Plans

Digging deep into the goals of the job candidate will help you gauge how interested this person is in the position and future opportunities within your company. Asking about future plans, educational goals and long-term career aspirations will provide information about the candidate’s intentions regarding your business. You want to hire a candidate who will be committed to your endeavor and its goals well into the future.

Test Your Applicant’s Attitude

There is a wide variety of pre-employment assessments available for hiring managers to use if they wish to determine whether a candidate is up for the challenge of the job. It is important to make sure to test more than just skills, especially if the position calls for a lot of interpersonal work. Many employers utilize personality tests to ascertain if the candidate will mesh with the culture of the company.

Involve the Team

Involving the current team of employees in the hiring process will help you to leverage the power of multiple opinions. Not only does a team approach to hiring help you to consider ideas you might not have thought of, but it also empowers current employees by showing them that their opinion matters. You want to ensure that the new hires will work well with the current team. By making the hiring process a team effort, you can see how everyone would blend, and you can ascertain this before making a final decision.

Ask the Soft Questions

In addition to honing in on the technical skills of the candidate, you need to ask the soft questions in order to discover the applicant’s abilities and aptitude to suit the guidelines of the position. Questions to consider asking should have the goal of discerning leadership skills, the capacity for multitasking and the ability to juggle multiple responsibilities.

One of the best predictive factors that contribute to the success of your business is the type of people you hire. By following these four hiring tips, you can ensure that you pick the very best fits for your business.

3 Ways You Can Boost Your Marketing Career

Marketing is a rewarding career in many ways, and financial remuneration is by no means the least of them. The success you derive from this field usually directly corresponds to the effort you expend. With that in mind, here are some things you can do to give your career in marketing a shot in the arm.


While this term seems like an overused buzzword, networking can be incredibly valuable in the marketing industry. Much of the field revolves around personal connections that can help smooth the way for future endeavors. Networking can ensure that you know the right people when you are ready for a new opportunity. It can also assist in building a client base, which is one of the requirements of a successful marketer. In many ways, your professional results will roughly equal the sum of your network connections. By remaining in contact with as many people as possible, you’ll be more attractive to both employers and customers.

Get a Degree

Attaining a degree in the area in which you’d like to work demonstrates a commitment to the occupation, and that should impress potential employers. In addition, it will give you the knowledge necessary to get your start in the field. Marketing is a highly desirable pursuit due to the financial rewards that come when one advances in the profession. Income for marketing managers is estimated at roughly $117,000 per year. A marketing degree can help you in your progression to that level.

Keep Up with Technology

When it comes to marketing, word of mouth can only take you so far these days. You’ll need to get your concept in front of people, and the way to put yourself or your product before the most people is through effective use of technology. If you achieve mastery of the relevant technological platforms, you’ll have the ability to get your message out to a mass audience. When it comes to marketing resources, technology is a force multiplier, and it will help you cast a wide net. A visible presence on social media may get you recognized, and that notoriety can help you find new opportunities both in terms of employment and future clients.

While talk of a “hot” profession is often cliché, the attraction of the field of marketing cannot be overstated. In this profession, the work you do can translate directly into personal success. Advanced knowledge of some of the factors that will facilitate your success can help you go even farther.

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3 Ways You Can Create a Fun (But Productive!) Workplace Culture

3 Ways You Can Create a Fun (But Productive!) Workplace Culture

No one enjoys the prospect of a tense dull workplace. However, there is a fine line between having fun at the office and ensuring daily tasks are still dispatched in a timely manner. Follow these three ideas on how your office can avoid monotony in the workplace and still remain more productive than ever.

Celebrate Holidays with the Office

Celebrating holidays with coworkers can be about more than just winter holidays. You can break up the day with a quick serving of cupcakes and punch to celebrate someone’s birthday, for example. Another idea is to have a nondenominational picnic to rejoice in the arrival of spring. The widespread appeal of an event like the Super Bowl may spark hosting a workplace party to view it, complete with appetizers. Employee consensus makes willing and engaged participants. Involving them in the planning of holiday or event celebrations leads to high morale. Social interactions that occur during a celebration form bonds and camaraderie leading to higher productivity.

Create Fun Challenges

Having a fun challenge in the workplace is an excellent way to make it interesting for employees. A friendly competition whereby you can measure performance increases productivity and gives employees the motivation to improve their skills. They are able to exercise self-evaluation in a non-threatening atmosphere. You should also seek to implement incentives into these challenges, or some sort of prize. For example, the person who generates the most sales in a week or who brings in the newest clients gets points towards a luncheon or gets a small prize worth a few dollars. Despite the air of competition, contests create workplace camaraderie. Competitions do not always have to be strictly work-related. There are plenty of healthy challenges that can also improve employee health. With such a large number of workout apps, employees can engage in a simple contest of who walks the most steps in five days.

Take a Trip

Daily outings, weekend getaways or retreats are yet other ways to garner good will with fellow workers. The idea is to create a sense of team building away from the work site. A change of scenery also encourages greater focus which equals higher productivity. Teamwork can be organized at cooking classes, wineries, or museums, to name a very few. Getting people working on a goal together in a place they do not experience every day builds strong bonds and creates a sense of accomplishment.

Workplace morale and productivity is strongly tied to whether you can provide a fun work environment. This enables your employees to build effective teams for your company through the friendships they cultivate.

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Finding Your Ideal Clientele

Finding Your Ideal Clientele

It can often be a trying experience to find the right client for your business; in fact, many businesses continue to mingle around the market without ever having identified their “target” clientele. Don’t we all understand the entrepreneurial struggle of putting in so much work to make sales that never happen?

Building relationships is hard, and learning to build them with the right people is even harder. But finding, targeting, and forming a relationship with your ideal clientele is what will take your business from mediocrity to greatness. Ensuring that you’re targeting the individuals and business entities that most accurately align with your business philosophy is how you establish ambassadors for your brand rather than run-of-the-mill one time buyers.

But what does it actually take in order to establish these extraordinarily effective and yet often unseen relationships? The challenge is nothing more than defining your ideal client within your own mind and then disseminating that information throughout your sales and marketing strategies.

Picture Your Ideal Client

Is your ideal client a male or female? Are they between the ages of 18-29 or 38 to 49? How do they think and what do they think about? What matters to them? What is their median income?

All of these questions help you to “picture” your ideal client – Whether it be a real person or an imaginary figure, defining your ideal client is the first step in attracting the types of individuals and companies that you want to do business with.

We’ve all experienced the struggle of working with a needy, overbearing or “cheap” client that made our processes ten times more complicated than we’d originally anticipated. The current marketing and sales strategy of many companies is nothing more than begging for table scraps from random people in hopes that they will purchase a product/service – Meaning that business owners find themselves working with individuals that they simply don’t want to do with business with. All in the pursuit of a slim check at the end that doesn’t glorify their service, their company’s core values or their ideal clientele.

This is where relationship marketing comes into play. Imagine that one nasty client that you would never do business with again (we’ve all had them) – Would you want to form a friendship with that person? No? Then stop frantically trying to adapt your marketing strategy in order to appeal to every human being on the planet; and instead focus on pinning down your ideal clients – The people that you WANT to work with, those with whom you’d be more than happy to establish a long-term business and personal relationship/friendship with.

Relationship marketing isn’t about talking to everyone. It’s about talking to the people that MATTER. Archaic, stone-age sales techniques such as the “law of averages” are becoming more and more redundant by the day. The modern age demands a new and improved people-centric focus, rather than a profit-only, by-the-book mindset.

In being able to accurately picture your ideal clientele, you are then able to adapt your marketing strategy to the individuals and businesses who matter to you; and who, more importantly, believe in what you believe and identify with your business philosophy.

Action Items For Today

Now that you’ve read this post, it’s time for an accountability check! Here are some next-steps that you can take in order to define and target your ideal client:

  • Write down the qualities that you’d like to see – Is your ideal client of a certain gender, do they work within a certain industry, do they tend to buy certain products?
  • Paint yourself a mental picture. Whether your ideal client is a current client of yours or an imaginary one – Spend some time picturing this individual and their business.
  • Write down the reasoning behind why this individual is your ideal client – Do they share the same background as you, do they have a need for the services you offer, do they believe in a certain philosophy or way of life?
  • Imagine yourself having a conversation with your ideal client. Your marketing strategy shouldn’t be a collection of stale, boring and relatively ineffective sales copy. It should be nothing more than a conversation between you and your ideal clientele – Imagine a conversation between you and them; how did it go? What do you talk about? When addressing groups, writing your marketing copy and implementing your marketing strategy – All you have to do is imagine speaking to this person and your message will be on point, every time.
Engagement Isn’t The Most Important Metric of Social Media

Engagement Isn’t The Most Important Metric of Social Media

Most Digital Marketers today will tell you that low engagement on your social media profiles/pages is a death sentence; and that without paying them to manage your social media presence for you, you’re limiting your marketing potential.

This isn’t necessarily true, it’s 100% possible to manage your own social media strategy and to do so effectively. While engagement is a very important key metric in measuring the overall effectiveness of your social media presence, it’s not the only metric that matters.

Social Media spans a variety of networks and platforms which all offer specific “niches” in terms of both audience and content; Facebook is a personal network, Instagram is an open, photo-centric platform, and Twitter forces us to master the art of fitting an entire novel into 280 characters. Because of the relative “openness” of these networks, the opportunity for growing your business and brand is at an all time high.

No longer do business owners and entrepreneurs HAVE TO expend ungodly amounts of money on media and marketing companies just to exist – The power to impact our communities and the world at large now exists within the palm of our hand.

We now live in an instant-response, fast-paced technological society where your ability to interact virtually with as many people as possible MATTERS. This is where engagement as a social media metric comes into play – While it is true that high engagement tends to equal more conversions, higher sales and better brand presence; it is also true that engagement is based on momentum.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, it can often take time to build up the necessary momentum which then results in a high engagement rate over all social media networks. Many entrepreneurs who are faced with handling their own social media presence tend to throw out content in every direction, receive no response, and then give up entirely while angrily shouting “THIS BUSINESS WAS BUILT ON WORD OF MOUTH REFERALLS AND IT’S GONNA STAY THAT WAY” – Obviously, this isn’t a very effective method.

Engagement is an important metric – But it’s not the only one and it’s definitely not the most important, in my opinion.  Consider a scenario in which you; as a business owner, receive thousands of impressions, but minimal engagement – Guess what? You still received thousands of impressions! Planting the seed is just as important as growing the crop; in fact, the plant doesn’t exist at all without the seed having been put there in the first place.

I tend to refer to this as the “invisible seed” of social media. Sure, it can be a daunting task to continually put out good content – And it’s even more mentally demanding when you spend the hours building up your social media content only to see it receive 0 engagement across the board. But that’s not the point here – The point is that people are SEEING it.

Consistency is key when it comes to managing a successful social media strategy – You can make a post on any network that receives an absolute tonnage of engagements; but that’s absolutely useless unless the consistency of content is there to ensure that there’s a proper path for your audience to follow.

People are focusing way too much on engagement rates and not focusing nearly enough on the consistency of putting out GOOD content on a regular basis. You can build something really nice, but how the hell is anyone going to find it if there’s no path to get there in the first place?

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