Old School Marketing Strategies That Still Prove to Be Successful

Old School Marketing Strategies That Still Prove to Be Successful

The explosion of digital marketing has changed the way we do business. We’re now able to reach millions of people with only a click of a mouse. However, depending on your niche, digital marketing tactics might not be as beneficial as you think. Here are some old-school marketing strategies that still work exceptionally well.

Direct Mail

There are many common misconceptions about direct mail, but marketers who use this technique usually see impressive results, and direct mail seems to outperform other marketing channels. Using direct mail to reach your target audience and offer them insider discounts is a great way to let them know you’re in business. Even loyal customers sometimes need a gentle reminder to stop in, so sending out a direct mailing that lets them know of any current or upcoming promotions is always a good idea. It’s also a cost-effective solution when your marketing budget is low.


Small businesses with a physical location may find flyers more effective than a digital marketing strategy. When you’re targeting locally, face-to-face marketing with flyers lets you greet prospects without being intrusive. Flyers that offer discounts are highly effective, especially around the holidays. Whether you’re a new business just starting out or you’re opening a new location, traditional marketing methods with flyers are reliable ways to boost engagement and increase profit.


Probably the most overlooked yet easiest form of marketing is signage. Long before the internet was created, businesses of all types used signs to let passersby know they were open for business. If you have a brick-and-mortar location, you can still pack a marketing punch by using signs to market your business, especially in urban areas. The best part is you don’t need to spend a fortune to do it. Get creative and make a sign that lets people know where you are and what you have to offer. Sometimes, the simplest of signs have the biggest impact. 

Keep in mind that people don’t want to feel obligated or pressed to buy. They want to make purchasing decisions when they feel ready. The purpose of marketing is to pique the interest of your target audience. To do this effectively, your marketing message must be valuable. Your marketing efforts need to evoke an emotional response that makes them want to know more. So, if your digital marketing efforts don’t live up to your expectations, old-school marketing might be the answer you’ve been looking for.
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3 Ways to Effectively Retain Employees

3 Ways to Effectively Retain Employees

If you ever want to know if a company is in trouble, just look at their retention rates. As the old saying goes, if people know the boat is sinking, they will begin to jump ship. The company may not be sinking in terms of financial troubles, but in the ability to progress. After all, if you are continuously training employees, there is no time for innovation and growth. If your company is in a similar situation or seeing that it’s heading that way, then stick around. The following list details three ways you can begin improving your retention rate.

Reward Them

Employees who feel their employer-provided benefits positively affect their lives are 40% more likely to be loyal to their workplace. This may be accomplished in two ways. One can be to simply add additional benefits to their already existent package. Your employees will definitely appreciate this gesture, but the drawback is that it does not produce a stronger relationship. Another strategy and a less expensive route to take is to provide your staff with simple rewards, such as extra lunchtime or company parties. This allows you to encourage communication between your staff and move away from the typical workday schedule every once in a while.

Let Them Relax

Burnout is very real. A loss in passion may not cause burnout but simply a loss in energy. Therefore, it is vital for you to let your staff relax. People need to maintain a healthy work-life balance, and this can only be accomplished by allowing for some flexibility in the workplace. Allow your employees to request time-off or an addition to their vacation days. This might sound like an expensive thing to do, but the consequences are far worse. Unhappy and tense employees will provide you with sub-par work and eventually leave your company for ones with more flexible policies.

Be Respectful

When it comes to making sure that your staff is happy working for you, respect must be the first thing that is analyzed. All the benefits in the world will never be enough to replace respect. This goes for yourself and your employees. When speaking with employees, always make sure to approach them with a respectful tone and intent. Don’t implement excessive rules that inhibit their workflow. Respect goes a long way to making sure that your staff sticks around for the long haul.

The retention rate within a company is one that is often never spoken of. This basically stems from companies not wanting to disclose that type of information to the public. However, for change to be possible, the conversation must be started. Adhere to the tips above to begin creating a positive work environment for your employees.

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Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Your Office Team Members

Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Your Office Team Members

Having the right talent on your staff is a great way to achieve success, but you need to have efficient and motivated office team members as well. If people aren’t motivated to come to work each day, their productivity level will be low. This can lead to lower profits for the year. There are some very simple methods that you can use in order to improve the efficiency of your office team members as well as keep everyone motivated to get their job done when they come to work.

Look for Improvements

It’s important to always be looking for ways to improve and take action when something goes wrong. This mindset can create an increase in productivity, efficiency, and add value to your business. The improvements don’t have to be extensive, either. A few simple changes can make a big difference in your workflow. You may want to switch the employees who perform a certain job. You can assign tasks a little bit differently. You can come up with a new process for accomplishing daily duties.

Create a Positive Atmosphere

A positive atmosphere can go a long way towards boosting morale within a company. If everyone in a department is always complaining about their job, stressing about the pay, or feeling like they don’t want to go to work, this can result in decreased efficiency. You can create a positive atmosphere by motivating employees to make a difference. Make everyone feel like they play a role in how well the company does from the cleaning crew of the building all the way up to the upper management roles.

Provide Rewards and Incentives

A great way to keep people motivated and efficient is to offer a reward program or incentive option. This could be as simple as signing up with a third-party rewards program that allows your employees to accumulate points for a job well done. They can redeem their points for items like gift cards. Incentives can come in the way of bonuses once per year that are based on the personal success of an employee. 

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to increase the efficiency of your company. Minor changes can be implemented, such as company assessments and evaluations that look at overall efficiency. Providing a positive environment and even offering employee rewards can also boost productivity.

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3 Hiring Practices Your Business Should Implement Now

3 Hiring Practices Your Business Should Implement Now

If your business is going to grow, you will at some point need to think about adding new employees to the team. This is an exciting occasion because it means that you are gaining new customers and looking to increase your revenue. At the same time, you need to make sure that every employee you hire is not only capable of doing the job but that they are also a good fit for your company. Making wrong hiring decisions can actually set your business back, and you certainly do not want that. As such, you will want to follow some key practices as you set out to hire new employees.

Background Checks

You cannot possibly learn everything that there is to know about the people who work for you. Unfortunately, you also cannot count on everyone to be honest during the interview process. You want to trust the people who work for you, it is also your obligation to protect the company. In order to ensure that you have a safe workplace for everyone, conducting a background check on applicants is an effective hiring practice to implement.

Looking Beyond the Resume

There is also more to a person than their resume. While it is important to know that an applicant has the requisite skills, education, and experience for the job, it is also helpful to know that they are a good team player. You want some one who fits into the company environment and who can walk the walk. It does little good to hire someone who sounds good when they talk, yet their actions do not live up to their words. Pre-employment testing is beneficial in determining a candidate’s capabilities. Look beyond the resume and you will determine if the personality is there to warrant hiring the applicant.

Reference Checks

While you want to believe everything that is said in an interview, it is best to go back to the source. Talk to former employers, coworkers, and others who know the person you are considering for a position. Find out what their thoughts are and then weigh those against your gut instincts. While reference checks do not need to form the basis for your ultimate decision, they should form a major part of it. 

If you will follow these three key principles, then you will be well on your way towards hiring quality personnel who can complement your business. You want to bring people on board who can fulfill your mission and objectives. When everyone is on the same page, the workplace will become more vibrant, exciting, and productive.

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Workin’ for a Livin’: Understanding Common Office Job Injuries

Workin’ for a Livin’: Understanding Common Office Job Injuries

Most individuals think of construction job sites or a dangerous factory floor when thinking of common workplace injuries. However, office workers can also become injured while on the job. It is important for office workers to understand how these accidental work injuries can happen in order to take the appropriate steps to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Back Pain

Back pain is common among office workers. This usually occurs because the employee isn’t paying close attention to keeping their body properly aligned. These ergonomic injuries can happen when stretching too far when sitting in a swivel desk chair, not using the correct technique when lifting heavy objects or failing to set up the designated workstation properly. You can ask your employer to invest in a better office chair that provides ample support for the shoulders, spine and lower lumbar regions. Be sure to stand up to stretch or walk around at regular intervals throughout your shift. If back pain occurs, evaluate your posture and desk position for possible causes. Consider using a flexible sitting/standing desktop that can be raised and lowered easily.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Even if the office work itself is not particularly stressful on the body, injuries can still occur due to repetitive movements throughout the course of your workday. Some common repetitive strain injuries include carpal tunnel, tendonitis, tennis elbow, trigger finger, and focal dystonia. These types of injuries usually develop over time. Again, the desk height and setup of the workstation plays a huge role in preventing these types of repetitive strain injuries. Today, there are wrist, neck and back braces to help keep the body in the correct alignment and prevent serious injury.

Bumps, Slips, and Falls

Surprisingly to some, the standard slip-and-fall injuries happen at the office more than most would think. Since most offices are full of busy employees rushing to meet strict deadlines, it becomes easy to lose focus on environmental safety hazards when the brain is so engaged in other matters. Always take the time to push in file drawers, keep walkway paths free from obstacles that could be tripped over and mop up any spills right away to avoid preventable workplace falls.

Every working person should protect themselves from job injuries by first understanding the risks. Taking preventative action can save companies and their employees from costly, accidental injuries. 

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Contact Centers: What They Are and What They Can Do for Your Business

Contact Centers: What They Are and What They Can Do for Your Business

Most people are more familiar with traditional call centers than they are with contact centers. Call centers are dedicated locations within or outside the company where people sit in front of a computer and take customer calls. Call centers have worked perfectly fine for many years, but the way we communicate has changed dramatically, and this is much like many things from the past that will soon end. The following entails the future of contact centers, what they are, and what they do.

What is a Contact Center?

Contact centers, unlike the traditional call center, are quickly being accepted by most major companies as they provide a more streamlined way of interacting with their customers. The change has occurred due to a changing pattern in customer behavior and technological advancements. People are now readily available with all kinds of devices from tablets to digital watches. The goal here is to be able to speak with these customers wherever and however they wish. The contact can be initiated via a text message, Facebook messenger, and many more avenues of communication.

What Services Do They Provide?

Contact center services address the 45% of organizations who want to offer complete services through a variety of methods, including live chat and social media. This increase in communication between the company and the customer is a great benefit to both parties. Customers receive the assistance they need, and the company obtains loyal customers. The services provided by these contact centers can include text and visual communication, depending on the subject matter and the complexity of the conversation.

Is This Right for Your Type of Business?

The great thing about contact centers is that they are almost all customizable. This means that if you have a large social media presence, then your contact center can place priority on those channels. Do you deal with a lot of shipping? Contact centers can get people informed via text message about any issues involving their product. Essentially, where and how you need it to work for you is entirely based on your type of business. 

Understandably, some may be hesitant to cross over into this new form of communication. Call centers are still working, and customer complaints are pretty minimal about them. However, what may be working today will not be working tomorrow. One of the best ways to get ahead of the game is to begin implementing these new approaches to customer communication today.
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