We all know how vital it is for the growth, or very survival, of any business to spread its brand. Today’s consumer has no lack of choice and most times the only thing that separates a successful venture from an unsuccessful one is exposure. This can make business owners desperate to achieve this level of visibility. Unfortunately, where there is desperation, there is also someone looking to take advantage. You merely need to google search
  Are you a local business owner struggling to make a name for yourself through an effective marketing strategy? We know how it feels… Which is one of the many reasons why we provide articles like this to allow you to succeed through the implementation of your own marketing strategy – without having to pay another company to handle it on your behalf (Unless the company in question is Reticence Marketing, because we’re awesome; obviously).
 “Just Another Marketing Company…”    As you read through this website you’re probably thinking “Just another marketing company, charging an arm and a leg without any actual results” – That’s why I’d like to take a moment to address the reasons behind my founding of this company, what we represent, and why we firmly believe in the power of small businesses to significantly impact the community around them.              
As a young, entry-level, and relatively recent entry into the vast world of Business; I feel that the current state of the American business structure is an interesting paradox, to say the least – On one side of the equation we have the development of a relatively new high-energy, youth-focused, and gregarious network of business environments which are constructed upon the maxim of synergy and team cooperation; A typical example of this may be the