small business week 2018
  Small Business Week 2018 goes from April 29th to May 5th. Here is why the event matters for entrepreneurs today.   On Sunday, April 29th, Small Business Week 2018 kicked off, and if you are not already celebrating the festivities, you may want to begin to plan to join in now.   Led by the United States SBA (Small Business Administration), (#SmallBusinessWeek on social media) Small Business Week recognizes exceptional entrepreneurs and owners of
Graphic Designer Colorado Springs
Graphic Designer Colorado Springs 2018 Trends in Branding and Graphic Design   The year 2018 is set to be the year of modernizing trends in graphic design from past days and moving away from recent year’s landscape of flat design. Simplification and minimalism is going to stick around yet expect to witness a few old faves make a comeback to the spotlight with updated, modern looks.   In 2018, we’re seeing the emergence of a
Tracking Business Expenses
Most people today understand the importance of tracking their business expenses at a personal level. However, when it comes to their businesses they often lose track of their expenditure. Tracking expenses is one of the most important aspects of running a business and should never be overlooked. Many people put off tracking their expenses because they feel that it would be adding on to their already full plates. Regardless of how you want to handle
22 Website Best Practices
In the present global marketplace, it isn’t enough to merely have a digital presence. In order to capitalize on opportunity, as well as captivate human, live, real readers, an interactive, functional, optimized website should be a must. The Internet, unfortunately, swarms with poor site designs which miss both the content and technical mark. Even worse, clients continually contribute to the present outbreak of design delinquency.   It is time to end poor websites, for once
Web Design Colorado Springs
4 Ways Small Businesses Can Leverage Web Design to Boost Growth   When it comes to designing a new website for your small business, remember the principal: form follows function. A website that looks amazing, yet provides users with a poor experience, fails not only the small business it represents, but also the community in need of service.   Web Design Colorado Springs   When embarking on a new web design project for your small