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A company that focuses on client relationships first – Your passive partners in growth.

Who Are We?

When Reticence Marketing was first founded – Our core values were set in stone. We believe in building relationships, fostering growth, and partnering with our clients to help them tell their stories to an audience that’s ready and willing to listen. We want to see you grow, that is our first priority.

Most Digital Marketing agencies are more focused on their own profit margins than the actual service that they’re delivering to clients. Unfortunately, scams are common in our industry; and that means that a large variety of our clients have lost money due to Marketing Agencies that don’t deliver on their promises.  We believe in you and your company – It’s time to make your dreams a reality.


Our Team

Our ability to serve our clients is based within our amazing team. From our family to yours, we can do this together. 

Here’s to the Dreamers. 

Kolten Montgomery

Kolten Montgomery

Founder & CEO

As Chief Visionary of Reticence Marketing, Kolten Montgomery is both founder and CEO of the growing SEO firm. While running a successful business, Kolten also hosts the weekly “Dare to Dream” podcast. Kolten aspires to continue building the branding and marketing potential of his clients through SEO and website development.

Trey O'Brien

Trey O'Brien

Client Relationship Specialist

Trey grew up in Colorado, completed high school early and joined the army after a long summer. As a sergeant in the army he was able to dignify the final resting place of fellow solders, and honor them in front of their families. This created a powerful connection to emotion that Trey is able to harness to complete creative challenges in new and innovative ways. He is a devoted person who wants to see positive people succeed in ways that make life a little better for everybody.


Katherine Anderson

Katherine Anderson

Chief Web Architect

Katherine Anderson is a lifetime resident of scenic Colorado Springs. As a graphic and web designer, she often draws inspiration for her work from the majestic Rockies and sprawling plains around her. A graduate of Pikes Peak Community College, Katherine is the owner of design studio Katherine Magpie Design.

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