Google has many different applications that can help your business thrive. Since Google makes money when you make money, their incentive is to keep you on their platform. The great thing about Google is that everything can be controlled with one login and password, making it easy to import and export information across their multiple applications. Here are some of the best Google tools out there to help your business.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a valuable tool that you can use to learn about keyword research. It will help you figure out how much of your traffic comes from various search terms. You can also see what searches are trending in general. Google Trends lets you see how a certain search term has fared over a specific period of time, so you can decide which keywords to target and which to avoid.

Google Trends has many uses for marketing purposes. It can help you with content marketing and SEO, and you can also use the program to get a sense of what the public is interested in, which can inform your paid search strategy.

Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center is a centralized dashboard where you can control how you are presented in all Google e-commerce products. You can change all of your product listings from this one dashboard without having to go into each platform individually. You can also match your product data to the information on your landing page.

It’s advised that you invest in high-quality product images to attract customers to your offerings and to leave a strong impression of your brand. Good pictures will create a visually appealing look that will keep customers focused on your product as opposed to getting information from you but purchasing elsewhere.

Google My Business

Google My Business provides a way to get free advertising for your business. Once you claim your listing, you can be featured in local searches. You don’t have to pay extra for this Google service. With Google My Business, you create a business page and profile that customers can view when they are looking for a local business in your category. You can control what is in your profile and what people see when they are looking at your business page. Google’s platform allows you to make changes to your page from your smartphone or tablet.

Google News

One way to get your business or concept in front of more people is to ride the back of a news story that is getting significant buzz. This is a valuable way to drive search traffic to your business. You can use Google News to see what is trending and drawing the public’s attention and tailor your content marketing strategy to take advantage of that. If you are able to add your voice and business to the story before it reaches its peak, you can capture some traffic that can boost your search engine rankings. It can also help you to connect with new potential customers along the way.

Google Analytics

One of the most important tools that Google offers, Google Analytics allows you to analyze your website traffic to see where visitors to your site are coming from. You can also see how much of your site traffic is new versus returning visitors and how much time people are spending on your site. When you use Google Analytics, you can strengthen your choices for site content in order to maximize visitors. In other words, Google Analytics can give you insight into what on your website is working and what’s not. The easy-to-use dashboard shows you the statistics that you need to know upfront.

Google FeedBurner

Gaining repeat visitors to your website is one of the most effective ways to build your business. You can do this by using Google FeedBurner. This tool allows your customers to subscribe to your content. Subscribers receive a notification when there is an update to your business blog or other type of information on your site.

This tool is especially helpful if your website provides content along with your products. When your customers receive an email or text alerting them to your new content, they can click on a link directing them to your website to view it, thereby increasing your traffic. In turn, this surge in activity can help increase your Google search ranking. FeedBurner helps you make the most of your content marketing efforts.

Google offers a multitude of tools that you can take advantage of to increase your revenue. These tools can scale to meet the budget and needs of any size business from one-person endeavors to large corporations. By being familiar with all of the options available, you will have an idea of what to integrate into your business to help it thrive.

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