The lobby at your workplace or office may not be where your employees spend the most time during the day, but it’s the first impression that you make on visitors. Lobbies are where your clients or partners will arrive for meetings or appointments, making it necessary to create a space that has a high level of appeal. When you’re ready to makeover the lobby, there are a few tips to follow to ensure that it impresses your guests.

1. Show Your Services

The lobby is an area where guests often wait for appointments and where they will likely spend some time taking a close look at their surroundings. Make it a point to show your visitors what your company offers with its goods or services. You can make use of your visitors’ time in the space by educating them about what you’re trying to sell and about what makes you stand out in your industry.

2. Present a Professional Appearance

When guests enter your office for the first time, they either subconsciously or consciously want to be convinced that you are an expert in your field. Minor details in your lobby can have a major impact on their perceptions of your services. Overflowing trash cans, a disorganized reception desk, or an unprofessional, slobbish security team can devalue a million-dollar lobby in the eyes of potential and current customers. OPS Security Group sums it up with, “Your front desk security staff should represent the brand image you envision for your property.”

3. Create A Comfortable Seating Area

CPS Interiors reminds, “If you would like your customers to feel comfortable when they enter your office, the right seating area is an excellent place to start.” You’ll want to create a comfortable seating area where your visitors can relax as they wait. Use upscale furniture that is modern and that represents your company. The type of furniture that is used should complement the style of your company and your brand to ensure that the space flows well. You’ll also want to allow your guests to have a view of the outdoors to prevent the lobby from feeling cramped. There should be several windows to open up the room and to allow it to feel more spacious.

4. Provide Information

Make use of the lobby and create a space where you can provide additional information to your guests. Consider displaying original photos of when the company first opened to provide insight on the history of the organization. You can also add a supply of brochures to offer more information about the services.

Creating an impressive lobby doesn’t have to be complicated or calculating. Knowing the right steps to take to improve the quality of the setting will allow you to attract more visitors and to feel proud to show off your building.

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