No one enjoys the prospect of a tense dull workplace. However, there is a fine line between having fun at the office and ensuring daily tasks are still dispatched in a timely manner. Follow these three ideas on how your office can avoid monotony in the workplace and still remain more productive than ever.

Celebrate Holidays with the Office

Celebrating holidays with coworkers can be about more than just winter holidays. You can break up the day with a quick serving of cupcakes and punch to celebrate someone’s birthday, for example. Another idea is to have a nondenominational picnic to rejoice in the arrival of spring. The widespread appeal of an event like the Super Bowl may spark hosting a workplace party to view it, complete with appetizers. Employee consensus makes willing and engaged participants. Involving them in the planning of holiday or event celebrations leads to high morale. Social interactions that occur during a celebration form bonds and camaraderie leading to higher productivity.

Create Fun Challenges

Having a fun challenge in the workplace is an excellent way to make it interesting for employees. A friendly competition whereby you can measure performance increases productivity and gives employees the motivation to improve their skills. They are able to exercise self-evaluation in a non-threatening atmosphere. You should also seek to implement incentives into these challenges, or some sort of prize. For example, the person who generates the most sales in a week or who brings in the newest clients gets points towards a luncheon or gets a small prize worth a few dollars. Despite the air of competition, contests create workplace camaraderie. Competitions do not always have to be strictly work-related. There are plenty of healthy challenges that can also improve employee health. With such a large number of workout apps, employees can engage in a simple contest of who walks the most steps in five days.

Take a Trip

Daily outings, weekend getaways or retreats are yet other ways to garner good will with fellow workers. The idea is to create a sense of team building away from the work site. A change of scenery also encourages greater focus which equals higher productivity. Teamwork can be organized at cooking classes, wineries, or museums, to name a very few. Getting people working on a goal together in a place they do not experience every day builds strong bonds and creates a sense of accomplishment.

Workplace morale and productivity is strongly tied to whether you can provide a fun work environment. This enables your employees to build effective teams for your company through the friendships they cultivate.

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